Surgery Prices in Belgium

Want to know about prices for surgery in Belgium? Read on to find out how much you can save if you head to Belgium for surgery.

Belgium has become one of the most favored places in Europe for undergoing different kinds of surgeries. There are a number of factors that have transformed Belgium into a top notch surgery vacation destination.

The two main factors that make any region an excellent place for getting medical treatment is high quality of health care coupled with low prices for surgery. Luckily, Belgium has both these factors along with an excellent transport system with Eurostar which makes it incredibly easy for people to make their way in and around Belgium.

Cost of surgery in Belgium

The country of Belgium has developed many high standard hospitals and clinics along with which they have a large number of top quality surgeons. Visitors to the region will be able to find cosmetic as well as plastic surgery facilities in Belgium.

Although the prices of surgery vary according to the kind of surgery you need to get performed on your body, in general you will find that you can save up to two to four thousand pounds by undergoing surgery in Belgium.

Gastric Bypass Surgery

Take for example the cost of getting a Gastric Bypass surgery. In the UK you would have to pay at least ₤11,800 for this surgery. In Belgium you can have the same standard surgical procedure conducted upon yourself for a much lower price at ₤4995.

Knee replacement surgery

If you need to get a total knee replacement surgery in the UK you will have to churn out a staggering ₤10,300. In Belgium the same surgery would cost you as low as ₤6,500.


The cost of getting liposuction done in UK is around ₤ 5,150 whereas you can get it done for ₤1,528 in Belgium which is a big difference.

Hip replacement surgery

Full hip replacement surgery in the UK will have you spending ₤ 9,000. In Belgium you will have to spend ₤5,600 on the same surgical procedure. The above mentioned examples truly bring to light the kind of money you will be able to save if you go for surgery in Belgium.

Quality of health care

There is no doubt about the quality and standard of the hospitals and clinics in Belgium. Indeed the country is renowned as being one of the best medical health care providers in Europe.

The team of surgeons that work in these hospitals and clinics is also another factor that makes going for surgery in Belgium all the more worth it. The doctors that perform surgeries have a minimum of seven years training whereas those pursuing specialization have undergone a training period of twelve years. It is no wonder that Belgium is considered to be the best place for heart treatment amongst twenty four countries of Europe today.

Belgium’s medical institutions are renowned for maintaining a high level of hygiene with the least amount of secondary infection rates in Europe. Furthermore the hospitals provide excellent port operative care. All these factors combined make Belgium the ideal destination to undergo surgery.

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