Brazilian Hair Straightening Products

Brazilian hair straightening products use Keratin as the key ingredient to straighten hair and moisturize the strands to give a healthy glow. Read our guide for more facts and information…

Permed and curled hair styles were predominant in the 1970s and 80s, but straight hair has become popular since the 1990s. Sleek and straight hair with a satin shine and streamlined appearance is the trend of the day. It is achieved through several hair straightening products that are associated with unique features to cater to the needs of various hair types. The latest and most popular in this range are Brazilian straightening products that render highly effective end results.

Role of Keratin in Brazilian hair straightening products

Keratin, a natural protein occurring in the human hair, is the prime ingredient used in Brazilian products. Chemicals used in other products show adverse reactions with the hair, while ceramic or metal irons used for flattening hair weaken the hair root, resulting in thinning and breakage of hair. On the other hand, Keratin is coated on the hair and does not penetrate into the cortex. Therefore, it avoids breakage of hair bonds and serves as a catalyst to moisturize and enhance the strength of each hair. It works well on any type of hair, irrespective of the kind of treatments that the hair has undergone.

Features of Brazilian straightening products

The formula used in Brazilian products provides style and health for the treated hair, unlike chemical treatments that deprive the hair of natural bounce and shine. Further, the active Keratin solution used in the treatment produces temporary straightening, which lasts for months together. Formaldehyde, an ingredient in the treatment solution, has been a cause of concern, but most reputed brands have launched formaldehyde-free products that are safe to use. Many brands come with collagen, cocoa bean extracts, vanilla bean extracts and strawberry extracts. Collagen is said to increase the flexibility of hair and other natural ingredients contain vitamins and fatty acids that reinforce the core structure of the hair. All the products are accompanied by manuals that specify the procedures and instructions to be followed.

The market trend

Many women are on the lookout for effective methods to fix curly or frizzy hair, without causing damage to hair strands. Keratin based products that are exclusively used in Brazilian techniques come to their aid. ‘Escova progressive’, meaning ‘progressive blow-dry’ is the newest and most sought after treatment that seals hair cuticles with Keratin. Besides, the whole process involves Keratin-based products such as shampoos and conditioners, including the straightening product, which nourish dull hair and render a healthy glow.

Brazilian hair straightening products leave the hair totally hydrated and silky, as they work in such a manner that moisture is imparted to every strand rendering shiny smooth hair that is easily manageable.

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