What is the Weather like in Croatia?

What is the weather like in Croatia? If you are visiting Croatia on holiday then it is unlikely that the weather in Croatia will disappoint.

The weather in Croatia depends primarily on where in Croatia you are.  As a general rule of thumb however, the weather in Croatia is typical of Mediterranean weather.

What is the weather like in the Summer?

The weather in the summer in Croatia is beautiful.  They are typically warm with sea breezes; remaining warm until late into the evening.

The best beach weather for Croatia is any time between May and October.  Not only is the weather warm during this period, but it is also dry with very little rain.   When rain does come to Croatia during the summer (maybe a couple of times a month), the sun is usually still shining, which lends to a more pleasurable and enjoyable experience of rainy weather!

If you are travelling to Croatia during this time, then be sure to pack light cardigans or jumpers for any excursions as night as the temperatures are known to drop.

The temperatures in the continental areas of Croatia typically reach highs of 37 – 40 degrees Celsius – which is great for anyone who is visiting Croatia for a beach holiday.

What is the weather like in the Winter?

The weather during the winter time in Croatia is usually fairly mild.  However, it does have its fair share of rain – evident in the beautiful green and lush vegetation for which Croatia is famous.

Let’s be more specific about the weather in Croatia…..

There are three different climates in Croatia and hence weather will vary accordingly.  In the north of Croatia, the weather is fairly continental and the weather on the south of Croatia (which is coastal) is fairly Mediterranean.  This means that the weather in the north and the south of Croatia is primarily hot in the summer and cold in the winter.  The coastal area of Croatia however has milder winter conditions than the north.   The further inland from the Adriatic, then the colder the winters become. The central mountainous areas are particularly cold during the winter and temperatures regularly drop below freezing.

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