Monterey California Homes For Sale Real Estate

Do you want to know more about Fishermans Flats in Monterey, California? Are you considering a real estate purchase in this vicinity? Read our guide to get all the facts and more information…

Fishermans Flats is a nice neighborhood area in Monterey, California that offers great real estate choices and options. There is a park which covers one and a half blocks, and the entire county offers nature sanctuaries and wildlife areas that include both land and water locations. The ocean is close by, and there is a wharf and plenty of local attractions to be enjoyed.

Monterey is one of the most scenic areas in this part of California, and Fishermans Flats is a great place to find the real estate you are looking for. If you enjoy moderate temperatures, sun filled days, and great views then this area is a good choice.

Monterey Housing Statistics

Housing statistics in Monterey, California show that the median home value here is close to a million dollars, and this is true in Fishermans Flats as well. Over the last year the market here has improved, and home prices have started going back up again at a steady pace.

Around thirty five percent of the housing in Monterey is privately owned and occupied, and roughly fifty seven percent of the homes here are rented out. With seven percent standing vacant, and most of these on the market, finding real estate in Fishermans Flats is not difficult. This area of California draws visitors from far away, and is an ideal place to live.

City Profile

The city of Monterey, California has a population of a little less than thirty thousand people, with a median income of around sixty thousand dollars. It is slightly costly to live here, with a cost index that is fifty one percent higher than the national average. This makes real estate in this area somewhat higher priced, with a higher median value, and this is true in the Fishermans Flats area as well.

Sixty percent of the population is Democrat, with thirty eight percent Republican. The unemployment rate in Monterey is very low at less than three percent, making this city a great place to reside. Property taxes are higher than in other parts of the country, but this is true in many cities in California.

Available Homes For Sale

The housing types available in Fishermans Flats vary, and you will find the same types of housing that you find in other areas of Monterey, and much of California. There are homes, condos, and apartments that can be rented or purchased, making the real estate varied. Foreclosures and homes being sold by private owners make up a large part of the housing market in the city. Foreclosures and other real estate is not found at prices that are significantly lower than normal, because of the high demand for property in the area.

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