Cheap Bulgarian Holiday Destinations

Are you considering a Bulgarian holiday and are looking for the perfect destination spot? Do you want to enjoy a cheap Bulgarian holiday without breaking the bank? Read our guide for more facts and information…

No matter where you are considering travelling to the adventure does not have to be ridiculously expensive; in fact it is possible to travel around the world relatively cheaply if you are willingly to be flexible and spend some time searching for deals. When travelling especially over long distances the biggest expenditure is usually your plane ticket. Plane tickets should not be bought at full price if it can be avoided as there are many deals through not only the airlines themselves but also outlet travel websites such as Red Tag or Travelocity.

It can also be possible to cut the cost of a holiday adventure by booking a package deal rather than buying each aspect or your trip individually. Many companies will reduce the price if you are travelling for usually a minimum of a week and are seeking not only plane tickets but also accommodations and perhaps transportation as well. It is also possible to enjoy a cheap vacation if you have flexible days to travel as often air fare is reduced for last minute travel.

Summer Destinations

Bulgaria is often heralded as a vacation spot for the winter months but the coast in the east of the country is a beautiful destination for the summer. The only coast that Bulgaria is home to runs along the Black Sea and is home to beautiful sandy beaches, pristine waters and many coastal resorts.  In the beach towns there are a variety of accommodations available including high rolling resorts but also simple bed and breakfasts that are a great way to interact with the local community. The warm summer waters of the Black Sea allow travellers to enjoy activities such as swimming, playing games, and soaking up the sun. The most popular summer vacation destinations are the Golden Sands in the Varna region as well as Sunny Beach in the region of Bourgas. Any destination that you select for your cheap Bulgarian holiday will not only offer beautiful scenery but also wonderful entertainment.

Winter Destinations

In the winter skiing in Bulgaria is a popular activity not only for the athletic enjoyment but for the sheer beauty of the region that the resorts are located in. Borovets was the first Bulgarian ski resort and it is impeded in the forest clad Rila mountains, which is the range that features the highest peak of the Balkans. The ski resorts of Bulgaria are excellent destinations for those of all abilities as there are hills for beginners and advanced skiers and if you become tired of skiing while on your vacation there are numerous activities to enjoy such as cafes, bars and general village life. It is popular to stay in resorts while enjoying your Bulgarian holiday but it is also a great and cheap idea to stay in the small villages such as the old fishing ports of St. Vlas or Nessebur to truly enjoy the life of living in the mountains.

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