Burma Jade

Interested in the different cuts of Burma Jade? Here is all you need to know about Burmese Jade…

The most important part of any gem found in the rough is the way it is cut. It is the cut that eventually determines the price of the stone, among other things. The Burma jade is no different.

Here are the most common cuts of the jade:


These are one of the most common cuts for a high quality jade and are smooth and dome like from the top. They are most commonly used for rings and roundish pendants. The standard size of a Burma jade cut in the cabochon style is 14 by 10 mm. Also as a thumb rule the stones cut in this style are of higher quality than those used for other purposes, such as carving them for various uses. However, there can be exceptions to this rule.

When evaluating the cut of the stone, one has to consider the shape of the dome, its regularity and the size and thickness of the stone in question. The dome has to be in a curve that is smooth and not exceptionally high or flat. It should also not have flat spots anywhere in the stone. The most highly priced cabochon cuts do not have any flaws of color that are visible to the naked eye.

Usually, when high quality Burma jade is cut in the cabochon style and put into jewelry, a metal is put behind them and a small hole is put in the center. The metal serves the purpose of enhancing the light that returns from the stone, while the hole serves the purpose of being a peephole of sorts, so that the interior of the stone can be examined. A toothpick can also be inserted in the hole so that the contours of the base of the jade can be examined. If the hole is not present, one has to be cautious, as the metal could be used to hide the defects present in the stone.


Many people prefer their jades to be cut like beads, but are also finicky about the color of the beads in question. Hence one of the most important factors that has to be considered is to maintain uniform colors and textures in all the beads that have been cut. The more uniform the color of the bead is, the higher the price of the bracelet or necklace of Burma jade will be.

A lot of importance is also given to the roundness of the beads and the way the holes have been drilled in them to permit the thread. An expensive jade bead necklace or bracelet will have completely aligned holes for the string. Also, the price of the bead necklace or bracelet becomes considerably higher when the length of the string is long or the size of the beads is large. This is largely due to the fact that it is very difficult to find beads that are uniformly colored and textured. Burmese jade beads can also be cracked, hence they have to be examined thoroughly. If the crack in the beat is more than 15 mm in length, the bead in question is then cut into a cabochon.


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