Green Albino Burmese Pythons

Do you want to experience the thrill of possessing a mammoth Albino Green Burmese Python in your backyard? Are you interested to know more about its temperament and characteristics? Carry on reading this article to know all those facts…

An Albino Green Burmese Python belongs to the family of ‘Boidae’ or ‘Pythonidae’. The common name for this creature is Albino Patternless Burmese. The original habitat of these pythons is in the southeastern countries of Asia. The countries where this amazing creature is found are Thailand, Indonesia, Vietnam, Myanmar, and China (southern part). These creatures are not very costly to maintain and one does not need to spend a lot on its meals too. It feeds  just 1or 2 days during the entire week.

A tropical climate is most suitable for an Albino Green Burmese Python with the temperature hovering in the range of 80 to 88 degrees Fahrenheit. For housing this giant python sufficient space needs to be kept in your backyard or house. It does not require excessive exposure to light and a moderate amount of sunshine is sufficient. It grows up to a length of 18 to 20 feet and in some exceptional cases can even reach the mark of 22. If you have the facility of a large aquarium in your apartment then you can put this Burmese python over there. The term “green” or “patternless” aptly describes the physical appearance of an adult Albino Green Burmese Python. But the babies have a different look with the skin color of khaki with that color fading away to silver on the fringes.  There is also the presence of a discontinuous line of chocolate- brown blots predominantly in the rear portion of this creature.

Before buying an Albino Green Burmese Python, it is suggested that the buyer is thoroughly aware of the nature and characteristics of this snake. For beginners this snake would not be recommended as a pet. During times of shedding this snake does not pose much of a problem. One needs to be very cautious while giving food to this carnivore, as it possesses lot of strength and can wrap up any animal with its giant body. Hence expert handling is needed for this snake, which can only be expected from a person with proper experience.

For owning this snake one also needs to possess a valid permit. The permit can be obtained from a superstore like Wal-Mart for a price of approximately 25 dollars. After taking this snake along with you, a period of 21 days is given within which the permit needs to be procured. If that is not done then you would be fined and most importantly, the python might be taken away from you. These pythons are normally available for a price of $250 and you might be lucky enough to land one with a better deal too.

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