65 Canadian Laurentian Pontiac

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The 65 Canadian Laurentian Pontiac rolled off the factories in 1965 to a huge demand from Pontiac automobile enthusiasts all over Canada. A two door coupe, the Canadian Laurentian Pontiac was a two wheel drive, 6 cylinder, manually driven vehicle that was sleek and stylish. The Canadian Pontiac was quickly snapped up by eager buyers ready to drive this impressive car on Canadian roads.

General Motors made the 65 Canadian Laurentian Pontiac for sale exclusively in the Canadian market. The body was restyled to appear more sleek. Generous amounts of sheet metal were used to elongate the full body. The Canadian Laurentian Pontiac was developed mainly as a 2 door coupe. The new style of the car was an instant hit with car owners in Canada.

Purchasing A 65 Canadian Laurentian Pontiac

These days the 65 Canadian Laurentian Pontiac is sold as an antique on various automobile websites. A well maintained Laurentian Pontiac could fetch $6,500. You would have to traverse the online sites to find a particularly good car for sale as the demand for the 65 Pontiac is strong. You could face a car scam if you’re not careful. Be sure that the photograph of the Pontiac that is displayed on the site is the actual vehicle that you purchase. Always make an appointment with the buyer to physically check the condition of the Laurentian Pontiac before you make a firm offer to purchase. Seal the deal with an agreement drawn up by your legal advisor to save you any legal tussles over the ownership of the Pontiac in future.

Caring For Your Laurentian Pontiac

Once you have made this exclusive purchase and you are satisfied that you have got the real McCoy, you can proudly announce that you’re the owner of a stylish 65 Canadian Laurentian Pontiac. Your newly bought automobile is an antique and therefore requires special care in handling and maintenance to ensure that the Pontiac gives you years of driving pleasure.

The 65 Canadian Laurentian Pontiac is a spectacular automobile that is stylish and sleek. Owning one will catapult you to the highest rungs of the antique car owners’ league. Take good care of your Pontiac and you’ll derive years of pleasure from you vehicle!

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