Dae Jo Young Korean Drama

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This drama is based on the life of Dae Jo-yeong who was the founder of the kingdom of Balhae in Korea. Starting off with an epic battle between the two dynasties of Goguryeo and Tang the television drama Dae Jo Young focuses on the time before the birth of Dae Joyeong.

Historical Revelations in Dae Jo Young Korean Drama

Initially it shows his father Dae Jungsang as a general in the Army along with Xue Rengui who is shown as the mastermind behind the plot to takeover the Fortress of Liaodong. When the assassination attempt made on the Tang emperor Li Shimin fails, Jungsang is captured by the Tang. However, because Seol does not receive credit for his thoughts he released the man who leaves him and decides to head back to the Ansi Fortress. In the meantime the Emperor tries to destroy the Fortress by creating a big mountain near it.

Conniving Plots in Dae Jo Young Korean Drama

The mother of Dae Jo Young tries to save the Fortress by plotting to dig underneath it as it is built before the birth of Dae Jo Young whom she is expecting at this time. In the meantime Seol rescues a few Tang soldiers who would’ve been killed and because of this service he is promoted to the rank of general. 2 million men reached the mountain at the beginning of the battle and water is released under it in the tunnel and it collapses thereby killing thousands of the Tang soldiers.

This is the time when Dae Jo young was born and according to prophecy he is supposed to be the new King. However, this is considered treacherous as the king already is in place on his throne and fearing for his life the father takes his son away but he is captured while the mother and son drift away on a boat.

However, she is also captured. But when the Supreme Commander Yeon Gaesomun who originally planned to kill all of them realizes that maybe the young boy was sent to protect the country after his death, he changes his mind. The husband and wife are separately told that each has been killed and the mother is told not to speak to the son or they will both be slaughtered.

Well Planned Storyline of Dae Jo Young Korean Drama

Now as time goes by the television drama unfolds to show that the young boy who was according to the prophecy the future king is brought up as a slave by the Supreme Commander of Goguryeo and is given the new name Gaedong, which means dog boy in the Korean language. He is always trying to locate his parents even though his master keeps telling them they are dead, because his instinct tells him otherwise. Eventually, the young boy trains himself to be a leader and fighter and goes on to learn martial arts and becomes a contestant. This is because if he wins the contest at a national level he will become emancipated and will no longer be a slave.

With the ensuing martial arts and different fights depicted between this young man and his eventual reunion with his father, which was possible because he ran away in order to train under a martial arts specialist, this TV serial develops into a high paced and energetic one. There are a lot of nerve-wracking and tense moments as the story unfolds, especially when he is caught again and is whipped and returned as a slave to his master. Even the princess who sneaks in to watch the contest becomes involved with him and the story becomes yet more exciting from that moment onwards.

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