Italian City Names

Going on vacation to Italy? Want to know the names of the cities you should visit and what to expect there? Whether it’s art, architecture, romance, history, shopping, fashion or education, our Italian city guide gives you the information you want.

The country of Italy is blessed with some of the most amazing cities of the world. They attract a huge number of globe trotters yearly. To cash in on the situation Italy has developed a fascinating railway network that connects all the major cities of Italy. This mode of transport offers great convenience to the travelers and it is by far the most cost effective mode of inland traveling in Italy. This is not to say that the country does not have other good transport services. In general the public transport system of Italy is very well developed especially in the more popular cities of the country.

Capital City of Italy

The capital city of Rome is by far one of the most intriguing cities of Italy. The city has a great historical background relics of which still stand to remind us of the days gone by. These include ancient monuments, beautiful fountains, medieval churches, museums and palaces from the renaissance era. On the other hand you have the contemporary side of Rome that has a bustling night life with excellent restaurants. The religious center of the Christians, The Vatican is also situated in Rome.

Romantic Cities in Italy

Enter then the water world of Venice. This is one of the most unique cities on earth as it is built in the middle of a lagoon. This beautiful city is one of the major attractions in Italy. The city is loaded with lots of palaces, museums and churches with the Piazzo San Marco being the centre of attraction. The city that was once a bridge between the East and the West offers a great experience of drifting along its canals.

City of Art

Another historically significant city is Florence. It showcases a wide range of renaissance architecture and art centers. Duomo, Baptistry and Piazza are some of the famous sites to see in this city. Florence is also home to some very valued art work in the form of sculptures and paintings which can be viewed in the many museums that are situated in the city.

Then there is the city of Turin that has gained further world recognition since it played host to the 2006 Olympics. The city is famous for its high quality museums, shops and eateries. The city is also spotted with baroque styled architecture and other historically significant places. The city is situated northwest of Italy and is home to some important artisan workshops and arcades.

Shopping & Fashion City in Italy

Milan is another rich city of Italy. It is known to have great galleries, extravagant shops, delicious food, and a rich cultural heritage. Duomo and La Scala are amongst the things that have brought the city fame. Then you have the vibrant city of Naples which is on the south coast of Rome. With its artistic features the city gives a feel of classical times. The city of Bologna is in Northern Italy is known to possess immense beauty with exuberant arcades and rich cuisine. On of the more modernized cities of Italy is Perugia. Situated in the centre of the country the walled city on top of a hill has a great view and other interesting features. Genoa is Italy’s sea port and showcases an amazing aquarium whereas Padua is another city situated close to Venice and famous for its universities. You will find that the train network of Italy connects all these cities making it extremely easy to explore them.


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