Italian Greyhound Coats

Want to buy a rain or winter coat for your Italian greyhound? Do you know why Italian greyhounds even need coats when other dogs don’t? Read on for facts & information…

Every dog has its own coat of hair on the body. The coat is the layer of fur on the outside. The kind of coat varies between each breed. Some have heavy coats whereas others have fine and skimpy hair. For a dog owner it is extremely important to take care of his dog’s coat. This includes washing, shampooing and brushing on a regular bases. The Italian greyhound is a breed of dog that is extremely fine skinned. It has short and thin hair that forms the outer layer of his skin. The coat on the greyhound has a glossy shine to it which makes it look great. But in order to retain this shine one must maintain it on a regular basis. There is a disadvantage to the naturally thin coat on the Italian greyhound and that is that it is insufficient to keep the dog warm in the winter season. In such cases the dog owner will be required to purchase a dog coat for the Italian greyhound.

Winter Coats for Italian Greyhounds

Getting your Italian greyhound a dog coat doesn’t mean skinning off another breed of dog and getting his Hyde for the little pup. Rather what it means when we say dog coat is winter apparel. Most pampered dogs need such clothing in the winter seasons but the Italian greyhound tops the winter hater’s list. The Italian greyhound will start lifting up its nose to indicate discomfort even at the slightest sign of drizzle. For the rainy days you will have to get the Italian greyhound a rain coat. It will be next to impossible to take the little pup out without it. Moreover the Italian greyhound is prone to fall sick due to the cold weather because it has virtually no fat on its body plus an extremely thin natural coat of fur.

When winter rolls out in full flow the Italian greyhound dreads to step out of the house. The snowy season will require an Italian greyhound owner to get his pup a heavy duty winter coat that keeps him warm during the chilly nights. Even with the warmest of winter gear the Italian greyhound will not be too keen on walking on the snowy tracks and would much rather take a ride in the owners lap. If the dog is left to go free on the snow it is quite likely that it will come under the weather which could cost the dog its life and the owner a great deal of money.

Fashion Coats for Italian Greyhounds

The Italian greyhound has a very unique body shape. Not all dog coats will fit this lean bodied dog. The long neck, deep chest and long legs require special tailor made coats. Any other coat would not only look shabby on the Italian greyhound, it would not even provide the desired protection from the cold. This is why many dog stores have now started making tailor made winter coats for Italian greyhounds. Even fashion designers have stepped into the circle and are producing extremely stylish coats for Italian greyhounds. But one should remember to buy a coat that performs the function for which it is being bought rather than something that will make the pup look good to the onlookers.

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