Canada Goose Down Kensington Parka

Want to buy a Canada Goose Down vest? Want to know what makes goose down such a good insulation material? Read on for facts and info on the super warm Canada goose down jackets…

Canada Goose down jackets come in many different shapes, sizes and designs for both men and women. The company is known for its high quality outerwear for extreme cold-weather and is popular with professionals who work in cold climates or regular consumers who need to protect themselves from the chilly winters.

From Milan to Tokyo and Toronto to New York you can see all sorts of people wearing the Canada goose down jackets to protect themselves from the harsh winters. The company has been manufacturing high quality and innovative outerwear for the last 50 years and has in fact been nominated as one of the fastest-growing clothing companies in Canada by Profit magazine.

Kensington Parka Features

The Kensington parka is one of the popular war goose down jackets constructed in the commander style. The exterior has a fleece lined hood which has an adjustable strap and a coyote fur ruff for additional warmth and protection of the person’s face.

There is a YKK front zipper which is a two-way zipper made for heavy-duty use. Canada Goose down jackets are known for their durability, functionality and practical approach to style. The jacket has a button secured wind flap and taping on the sleeves.

There are hand warmer pockets which are lined with fleece and have a snap closure facility. There are two lower fleece lined pockets which have button closure and there are two bottom vents along with an adjustable waistband.

The nylon reinforced knit cuffs and collar is elasticized and has heavy-duty nylon material to withstand wear and tear and the climate they are to be used in. The insulation in this jacket is provided by a 60/40 mix of duck down and feather blend which provides perfect comfort in the chilly weather.

Ladies Chilliwack Merino

Another popular goose down jacket is the Ladies Chilliwack Merino by Canada Goose. This jacket has an exterior of Merino wool and a coyote fur lined hood for extra warmth around the head and face. The durable jacket has the two way heavy duty front zipper and button secured wind flap. The all duck down insulation insures warmth and comfort to the user and the many utility and freehand pockets make it easy to use and very convenient.

The Ladies Expedition CG 55 Jacket

The Ladies Expedition CG 55 is another classic Canada Goose down jacket which has become popular for its comfort and style with women all over the world. Women do not have to compromise practicality or functionality for style when they choose this Canada Goose down jacket because it is a classic example of utility combined with fashion. The insulation in the jacket is provided by duck down and the lining protects the interior. The exterior has the tunnel hood with a coyote fur ruff for warmth and comfort and there are four fleece lined pockets with zipper closure and four pockets with Velcro closure making it an easy to use and functional jacket.

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