Italian Greyhound Art

Interested in the history of Italian greyhound art? Want to know when this breed of dog first appeared in European artwork? Looking for a contemporary piece of Italian greyhound related art? Our guide gives you the information you’re looking for.

Tracing back the hands of time you will find Italian greyhounds have posed for some of the greatest artists of the 17th century. This was because during those days the Italian greyhound was taken as a symbol of aristocracy. It was owned by some of the leading rulers of the country and other important men and women. Hence the Italian greyhound formed a prominent part of the royal houses and the artists sought to depict them in their paintings to capture the essence of those times. Today we find Italian greyhound art to be taking on a new form. As it is this particular breed of dogs has once again become popular in the contemporary scene and with it come the arts.

Contemporary Italian Greyhound Art

Painters have once again taken to the brush to come up with scenic fine art pieces depicting Italian greyhounds in interesting compositions. Due to the improvements in technology Italian greyhound art is now being made with contemporary graphics software. Graphic designers have come up with many interesting results which can be seen in the form of posters, paintings, car stickers, and refrigerator magnets. Modern technology also allows us to get these images printed on T shirts, bed sheets and even ceramic like coffee cups etc. These items have become a popular buy for dog lovers from all around the world.

Italian Greyhound Sculpture

By no means is contemporary Italian greyhound art restricted to a 2D medium. Rather you will be able to find high quality sculptures of these dogs made from different materials. Some may be chiseled out of wood whereas others may be carved out of different kinds of metals. These are truly collectable items that are held in great value by  dog lovers. Some companies are now even selling themed Italian greyhound figurines which have also become one of the most famous forms of Italian greyhound art. These include the dogs dressed up as different characters such as a gardener or a mechanic. The biggest market for these arts and crafts is the Italian greyhound crazy people. Their number seems to be ever on the increase which has given Italian greyhound art great commercial viability.

Since we now have such great quality cameras and photographers Italian greyhound photography has also become one of the mediums through which people seek to express their love for the particular breed of dogs. These days you will be able to find pretty much anything and everything with an Italian greyhound theme. This includes various household items like wall clocks, coasters, serving trays and candle stands. Further more you have the many kitchen items like aprons, gloves and cutting mats with doggy themes. You can even get a full range of Italian greyhound themed office stationery for your work place. We find that the internet has played a huge role in the popularizing of Italian greyhound art. With so much blogging going on out there it is not difficult to find out where you will be able to get your hands on some of the best Italian greyhound artwork.

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