Canada Goose Snow Mantra

Do you want to know how a Canada Goose snow mantra can help you stay warm? Do you want to know the different features of a Canada Goose snow mantra jacket? Read our guide for more facts and information…

The company, Canada Goose, has existed for over 50 years and their products have earned a strong reputation based on the their quality, function, and style. The Snow Mantra is one of the many styles of parkas that Canada Goose produces. Canada Goose focuses on the purpose and function of their products and are committed to producing the best extreme cold weather apparel possible.  In order to ensure high quality, the designs for the jackets produced by Canada Goose are field tested. The Canada Goose Snow Mantra parka is popular for use in a variety of regions from Antarctica to the arctic to more urban centres such as New York, Toronto, Stockholm, Tokyo and even Milan.


The Snow Mantra is primarily designed to keep the wearer warm; however, the style of the parka also focuses on function by incorporating different features. The Snow Mantra is available in a selection of colours ranging from navy, steel, red and black. The parka includes a removable tunnel hood that is rimmed with coyote fur for increased warmth and wind shelter. The Canada Goose design again focuses on warmth by including a fleece-lined throat latch.

Canada Goose focuses primarily on warmth; however, the Snow Mantra parka includes a variety of other features. The Snow Mantra is durable as the parka is equipped with a two-way front zipper and reinforced elbows. The parka is also adjustable as it includes a draw cord at the waist. Canada Goose also focuses on safety as the Snow Mantra has reflective tape on the back and chest. The Snow Mantra also focuses on practical use by including a variety of pockets. The Snow Mantra has two chest pockets and two lower snow pockets both secured by Velcro. There are also two lower fleece lined pockets as well as a utility pocket on the left-sleeve.


The Snow Mantra is not only designed from the exterior to provide maximum warmth in extreme climates but the interior of the parka continues this focus. The interior of the Canada Goose Snow Mantra is made completely from goose down. It also is free hanging and comfortable and includes a nylon lining to provide water protection.  The Snow Mantra also includes an elasticized nylon snow skirt. The interior of the Snow Mantra also has added functionality as it includes three pockets for additional storage. The Snow Mantra both in the interior and the exterior is well designed to ensure that no matter how harsh the climate becomes that the wearer remains warm and comfortable.

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