Canadian Chrysler Windsor Convertible

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The Canadian Chrysler Windsor convertible is a collectors’ item as it was made in the 1960s. US car giant, Chrysler, specially made the Chrysler Windsor, a sleek and stylish convertible, for the Canadian market. The full body vehicle came in a variety of colors, white being the color that truly brings out the unique style of this excellent automobile.

Current owners of a Canadian Chrysler Windsor convertible agree that this vehicle provides an excellent ride, and is stunning to look at. The Chrysler Windsor convertible was built as a two-door coupe and its automatic mechanism to raise the hood still works like a charm. The car was limited in its edition and sellers know the value attached to a well maintained Windsor convertible.

The high end 300M Canadian Chrysler Windsor convertible, manufactured in the 1960s, was a hot item when it was rolled off the assembly line and into automobile showrooms across the Canadian nation. The car came with the 383 ignition. Refurbished cars are equipped with brand new tires and paint work. The bodywork will remain in great condition if proper care is lavished on the convertible.

Canadian Chrysler In Windsor

The Chrysler car company incorporated the Chrysler Corporation of Canada Limited in 1925. The Chrysler automobile assembly plant was situated in Windsor, Canada. In 1963 the company changed its name to Chrysler Canada Limited and produced numerous vehicles for the Canadian market. The Canadian Chrysler Windsor convertible was built in the Windsor assembly plant along with several other designs from the United States such as the Plymouth, Dodge and DeSoto.

Purchasing A Chrysler Windsor Convertible

If you’re in the market to buy a Canadian Chrysler Windsor convertible, you should seek out reputable auto traders who will stake their reputations on quality and delivery. You’ll then be assured that the collectors’ item that you are thinking of purchasing is the genuine product. The V8 engine of the car and the stylish look made Chrysler market the 2 door coupe as the ‘The 100 million dollar look’ back in the 1960s.

When you own a Canadian Chrysler Windsor convertible, you’ll be one of the few people to have an exquisitely designed antique car in your garage. Take care that you buy your vehicle from reputable auto dealers and get the real McCoy!

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