Toulouse France Vacation Guide

If you’re thinking about a vacation in Toulouse France you’ll want to read this page. We’ve included the facts & information about vacations in Toulouse you’ll want to know.

Toulouse is a popular vacation destination located in southwest France near to the Garonne River, which is one of the major rivers in France. Toulouse is not a coastal vacation spot; in fact it’s a couple of hundred kilometers away from the nearest beach. Nevertheless, Toulouse which is situated half way between the Mediterranean Sea and Atlantic Ocean has a lot to offer if you’re considering going there on vacation.

Toulouse is often referred to as Le Ville Rose, or Pink City, because of its unusual brickwork and architecture. Toulouse has a long history and rich culture making it a more interesting place to vacation than some of the touristier beach resorts in France. With a population of about 500,000 Toulouse is small enough to be free from the excessive hustle and bustle associated with big cities, while at the same time being large enough so as not to be a boring vacation destination.

Toulouse Vacation Activities

Toulouse has several museums to keep you occupied on your vacation, as well as many theatres, art galleries and even cinemas to keep you occupied should your appetite for high culture require.

Vacation in Toulouse during the Festival

If you’re thinking about taking your vacation to Toulouse in France during the fall, be sure to catch the Festival Occitania which runs for about ten days from the last week of September. Hundreds of Artists and performers from France, Europe and even further a field gather to display their works and and recite their lines. If you’re a performing arts buff, it’s worth timing your vacation to Toulouse in France just to coincide with this as the festival, which takes place in over 50 venues across the city, is a great way to see and experience Toulouse.

Vacation in Old Toulouse

In the Old Town of Toulouse, you can take a walk down Rue Croix Baragnon and the streets that run parallel to it. A great way to spend a few hours of your vacation in Toulouse is to browse around the many local art galleries and expensive French designer brand shops.

Relaxing on Vacation in Toulouse

At Place Saint Etienne in Toulouse you can stop to enjoy some of the best cafes and treat yourself to a vacation pastry and cup of French coffee. If you pass through Place Saint Etienne in Toulouse during the afternoon, there’s an old book fare that takes place at the fountain plaza.

Toulouse is a city with lush green surroundings where gardens, parks and open areas are in abundance. Walking along the banks of the River Garonne, where you can rent a river boat in France, or cycling down Le  Canal du Midi are just two examples of how you can relax while enjoying your vacation in Toulouse France.

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