Cheapest Car Insurance Ontario

Cheap car insurance in Ontario can be hard to find depending on which city you live in. Toronto has the highest car insurance rates in Ontario because of its large population. Other factors that will affect the price of car insurance are adding a teenager or a person under 25 to the policy, your driving history and the model of the car. Continue reading to find out more on how to find the cheapest car insurance in Ontario…

For those living in large cities like Toronto or Ottawa get ready for high car insurance rates. Toronto and other large cities have costly car insurance rates because there is a high rate of insurance fraud. Insurance companies must protect themselves and since they lose money every time there is a fraudulent case, they raise the insurance rates. Also, since the larger cities are densely populated cars are statistically more likely to have more accidents. Street parking and car theft also play a factor in insurance rates. It is better to visit insurance brokers in person as they are more likely to give you a better deal than you will find online. Another way to get cheaper car insurance in large cities is to make sure your car has anti-theft equipment and all the necessary safety devices, like air bags.

If you live in a smaller town like Dryden or Brockville, you will have more luck finding cheap car insurance. To get the cost down, drive shorter distances as this will minimize your car’s wear and tear as well as your premium. When shopping for car insurance online be sure to visit sites that compare different companies. This will save you time and will give you a clear idea about how much your premium will be. Sites like Kanetix will list several insurance companies and so you can see the best deal.

If you are a high risk driver, meaning you have had a DUI, have driven without insurance or have caused an accident, then your insurance rates will be significantly higher no matter where you live. To get the cheapest car insurance in Ontario, be sure to ask for available discounts that you may qualify for. Students and members of professional organizations are more likely to have discounts available to them. Bundling home and car insurance is another way to save money and the company may even give you a discount for being a loyal customer. If you live close enough to your workplace consider taking public transportation as this will cut down your insurance price, as well.

The cheapest car insurance in Ontario will likely be in smaller cities. Larger cities have more risk of car damage so the insurance premiums will obviously be higher.

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