Swiss Army Pocket Watch

Want to buy a Swiss army pocket watch? Want to know how much and what features to expect from a Swiss army pocket watch? Our guide gives you the facts & information you want to know.

Karl Elsener was the founder of Victorinox, the first of only two companies to date that are authorized to make pocket watches with the Swiss army brand name. Although Victorinox is known primarily for its Swiss Army knives, the company has a long and proud history of producing all types of Swiss army watches, including pocket watches, to an exceptional degree of workmanship and quality. Although pocket watches are no longer in fashion especially among the younger generation, a Swiss army pocket watch still makes a befitting accoutrement for any well established gentleman of discerning qualities and taste.

Swiss Army Pocket Watch Quality

Victorinox Swiss army pocket watches are made by well trained professionals inside Switzerland. Often it takes several years of training to become proficient enough to work as a watch maker for the Swiss army brand name. All Swiss army pocket watches contain precision Swiss quartz crystal movement mechanisms. In addition to their stylish look, Swiss Army pocket watches are also highly durable due to their stainless steel casing that is scratch resistant as well as being water proof to five times normal atmospheric pressure, which is the equivalent of about 50 meters.

Swiss Army Watch Styles

Styles of Swiss army pocket watch have changed over the years since it’s original inception and have evolved into a range of models to create a comprehensive line of Swiss Army watches. The performance of Swiss Army pocket watches is excellent.

When it comes to Swiss Army watches, there is a model to suit every possible age, gender and personal taste. All Swiss Army watches come with a three year complete warranty. Swiss army pocket watches make a fantastic gift for an older male member of your family as not only are they practical and stylish, but you can easily personalize your Swiss army pocket watch with engravings on the back of the pocket watch. This could be anything from a simple message of affection or a date commemorating a special achievement or anything else you so desire. Purchasing a Swiss army pocket watch can even be considered a wise investment as its value will most likely appreciate over time, provided that you take good care of it.

Swiss Army Pocket Watch Prices

The recommended retail price for a standard Swiss army watch is $135. It is also possible to pick up second hand pocket watches for about half that price while rare, old, special edition Swiss army pocket watches can fetch thousands of dollars.

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