Expedition Vostok Antarctic Parka Canada Goose

Interested in the Canada Goose expedition Vostok? Read on to learn more about this fabulous jacket that protects you in extreme weather…

Canada Goose Expedition Clothing Outfitters is known for its commitment to producing high quality extreme cold weather outerwear that is both functional and practical. The Expedition Vostok from the company is one of the prime examples of the quality and standard of Canada Goose products.

The company has been manufacturing the best outerwear in Canada for more than 50 years. Their products are standard issue clothing gear for anyone involved in the expedition from the United States to Antarctic region.

These Parkas are used from the research facilities in the South Pole and the Canadian High Arctic, to the airports and ports of Stockholm, Milan, Ontario, Tokyo and New York due to their high quality, style and functionality.

The collection of down-insulated high quality outerwear is functional in extreme weather conditions and inspired by explorers and their technical requirements for travel and living in extremely frigid weather conditions like the gale force winds on the North Sea and the mind numbing cold in Antartica.

Canada Goose outerwear is popular internationally whether it is Tokyo, Milan or New York. From scientists at the South Pole, to policemen in Canada and aircraft personnel in Ontario everyone prefers to beat the cold weather with Canada Goose outerwear.

Canada Goose Expedition Vostok External Features

Canada Goose expedition Vostok parka is fabricated with Arctic-Tech which is resistant to extreme climatic conditions. It features a tunnel hood which protects the head and has a coyote-fur ruff along with adjustable bracing wire.

It also has an adjustable draw cord waist band and hood. There is a front with a heavy-duty front zipper which has the YKK technology.  The chin guard and wind flap are secured with Velcro and there are four fleece-lined pockets with zipper closure.

For additional storage there are four more pockets which have Velcro closure. The knit cuffs are nylon reinforced, heavy duty and elasticized. The left chest pocket has the Canada Goose disc on it.

Canada Goose Expedition Vostok Internal Features

Canada Goose Expedition Vostok interior has 100% down proof nylon lining and elasticized nylon snow skirt along with two pockets. The insulation is provided by hundred percent pure duck down.

Canada Goose products are created for the remote northern communities of Canada and used on Arctic expedition and even ascents of Mount Everest. Canada Goose jackets are considered a survival tool in cases where extreme weather conditions prevail like the South Pole research stations or oil rigs where the cold can be mind numbing and fatal.

They are created to serve a purpose and function and every single element of the product is created to meet the demands of those facing extreme weather conditions.

Canada Goose Expedition Vostok is available in colors like white, tan, stone grey, steel, spirit and the basics like red, navy, brown and black.

Canada Goose Expedition Vostok Antartica parka is a highly functional jacket which can withstand extreme weather conditions. It works well in both remote areas like the South Pole or cities like New York, Tokyo, Milan which witness extreme cold and without the use of these outfits it would be impossible for people to function normally in locations like airports, seaports, helipads and other open locations which suffer from a high wind chill factor.

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