Greyhound Bus Canadian Border Crossing

Looking for information about the Greyhound bus Canadian border crossing? Want to know about all the different types of Canadian border crossing available? Read our guide for more information on choosing the right border crossing for you…

So you’re thinking about crossing the border into the United States from Canada? You’ve got a few options available to you – from flying by air, going by railroad or taking a Greyhound bus. You’ll have to fork out quite a bit for an airline ticket, depending on where you want to go- And railway tickets are steadily increasing in cost by the day. The cheapest option would be to take the Greyhound bus Canadian border crossing alternative.

If you’re intending to get to Seattle from Vancouver, you can check the bus schedule from the Greyhound bus website. On Saturdays, the bus departs at 9.00am and is scheduled to arrive in Seattle at about 12.35pm. You’ll make it to the Canadian border just a little after 10.00am. From there, your bus will probably wait in a queue to get through the Canadian border crossing.

Bus queues at the border are a result of buses coming off the cruise ships and other buses going to the US from Canada. On a weekend, the queue is much longer. You may have to wait anything up to 2 hours on a Greyhound bus when crossing the border before you’re flagged into US soil. That means your trip to Seattle from Vancouver won’t end at 12.35pm. It will most likely be about 3.00pm before your Greyhound pulls into the bus station at Seattle.

Traveling By Greyhound Bus From Canada To United States

You’ll need a valid passport if you’re planning to visit the United States on a Greyhound bus via the Canadian border crossing. You’ll most likely be asked to produce some sort of Canadian identification with a photo at the border crossing so have these ready when you reach the border. Any children traveling with you will need to show proof of citizenship like a birth certificate before they’re waved through the border crossing.

Choosing a Greyhound bus Canadian border crossing is the cheapest option if you intend to visit the United States from Canada. Be prepared to wait at the border on weekends due to long bus queues. Bring your passport as proof of identity. Your children will need to show their birth certificates before they’ll be let through the border crossing.

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