Collectible Indian Dolls

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Collectible Indian dolls are an integral part of the collection of any avid doll collector since they truly adore dolls. There are several factors which will affect the value of collectible Indian dolls, but the ultimate worth will of course be determined by the fondness which the collector has for the doll.

There are several aspects that come into play when determining the price of collectible Indian dolls; the primary of which is the condition that the doll is in. For example, the dolls face should be smudge free and bright and the coloring on the body should be even. If you were to buy a doll with stains on the body and face and without the original costume it would be worth significantly less

However, normally Indian dolls from earlier generations will inevitably be restored. But if you are going in for a restored doll you need to know that certain aspects of restoration may have actually lowered the value of the doll and most collectors would ideally want to go for original pieces. If you do intend to purchase collectible Indian dolls that have been restored you need to consider several aspects. For instance, a primary constraint is the technique and the material used in the restoration which should be same as the original. The trims of the fabrics of collectible Indian dolls will be indicative of the period in which the doll was produced. So, Indian dolls from earlier eras may have reproduction clothing. It is important to ensure that the restoration work carried out has been appropriate to determine the value of these dolls.

There are several books and guides available in the market that can help you with information of the trademarks from  the different manufacturers and the model numbers including a size chart which should help you identify the various collectible Indian dolls. If you buy a specialized doll magazine you will also find information on the current market value and a list of vendors. However, it is important to know that you are allowed to bargain a little since the prices quoted in the magazines are for dolls in mint condition and even the smallest anomaly may bring down the cost of a doll significantly.

You will need quite a bit of patience and consideration to buy collectible Indian dolls. You have to know that even the most avid and experienced collectors are liable to get confused at times. So ensure that you arm yourself with extensive knowledge about the doll that you are looking for so that you can avoid expensive purchasing mistakes and make an informed decision.

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