Blanchard Gold American Eagle

Interested in gold American eagle coins? Find out about the history and value of American eagle gold coins…

The gold American eagle is credited as being the official gold bullion coin for the United States of America. It gained this exalted status in 1985 when the Gold Bullion Act was passed. The first batch of American eagle gold coins was minted in 1986, the very next year.

These coins were offered in a number of denominations and all of them were guaranteed by the government of United States with regards to the actual weight of the gold used in the making of the coins in troy ounces. The law regulates that the gold for these coins must be from sources within the country.

Furthermore an additional amount of copper and silver is added to these coins in order to make them more wear resistant. With the United States Congress authorizing the gold eagle coins and the United States Mint backing it one can have full confidence in the weight and content of these coins.

Gold American Eagle Design

The gold American eagle coins have a unique design that makes them one of the most beautiful coins in the world. The wondrous image of the Lady Liberty with her flowing hair and flaming torch and olive branch can be seen on the obverse side of the gold coin. This design takes its inspiration from renowned American sculptor Augustus Saint-Gauden. The Capitol building can also be seen in the background towards the left.

The reverse side of the American Eagle gold coin is in no way any less decorative. It features a unique design of a male eagle carrying an olive branch in its talon. The eagle is captured in flight hovering over a female eagle in her nest by her hatchlings. This unique image was designed by renowned sculptor Miley Busiek.

American Eagle Gold Coins Value

A first timer may be left scratching his head over how a pure gold coin can have a face value of one dollar. Actually this is just the monetary value denoted on the coin as of tradition. The actual market value of the gold coin is equal to the value of the gold content and not the face value. Since the value of gold keeps changing every year so does the price of these gold coins.

The government has also authorized the use of American Eagle gold coins for sanctioning Individual Retirement Accounts. The U.S mint is also involved in minting a special proof version of these coins that are produced for collectors. Since these coins are minted in the West Point Mintage of New York they bear the trade mark W mint mark.

The coin released in each year also bears the date for that year. There are certain American Eagle Gold coins that are valued higher than others. But this is only in regards to the proof versions of the coins which consist of the uncirculated variety for collection purposes only. Interested individuals can gain possession of these coins directly from the U.S mint through their user friendly website.

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