Indian Salwar Suit Designs

Interested in Indian salwar suit designs? Read on to explore the variety of salwar suit designs worn in various parts of India…

The salwar suit has been the attire of choice for Indian women throughout history. Individuals interested in the salwar suit will be able to find it in a wide variety of designs catering to diverse aesthetic sensibilities. Made using rich fabrics Indian salwar suits are available for all occasions and seasons.

Some of the most popular Indian salwar suit designs are as follows:

Embroidery Salwar Suit

Indian embroidery is renowned the world over for its complexity and intricate designs which are specially hand made by highly skilled individuals. Embroidery salwar suits feature some of the all-time classic embroidery concepts such as the Zari work which is one of the most popular traditional embroidery styles. Another concept often employed on embroidery salwar suits is the use of sequence and gara to create exquisite patterns. Such salwar suits are generally reserved for special occasions and tend to be quite expensive depending upon the nature of the embroidery and the quality of the cloth.

Bridal Salwar Suits

This is yet another impressive category of salwar suit design. Bridal wear salwar suits are extremely gaudy featuring the use of exotic materials such as gold and silver thread for embroidery work and at the classical styles such as mirror work for adorning the suits. Such dresses feature elaborate and integrated patterns on a large surface of the kameez, which is the top. This is most often complimented by a long draping cloth known as the dupatta. The dupattas for bridal salwar suits tend to be overly decorated often bordered by a gaudy lace like fabric in gold or silver known as the gota.

Churidar Salwar Suits

Salwar suits in this pattern have been sported by women for many years. Basically this kind of salwar differs from the traditional design with respects to the trousers that are worn below. The churidar is basically a fitted pajama which is deliberately made to appear wrinkled up. This kind of salwar suit is very popular amongst the younger generation and often sported on wedding occasions and other important events.

Parallel Trouser Salwar Suit

If you are looking for a salwar with a contemporary feel then this is the ideal choice for you. This is a relatively new concept within which the women wear traditional printed or plain kurtas on top of parallel trousers instead of the baggy salwar. This style helps to create a more formal and trendy look and has become a popular choice for Indian women in the city centers. Many Indian women can now be seen wearing this particular design to offices and events.

You have a considerable amount of variety with regards to the kind of pants that you can wear with this salwar suit. You can go for slim fit straight legged pants or if you want to add some more style you can go with bell bottoms. Similarly you can experiment with the length of your kurta by making it longer or even shorter to the length of a kurti, which is up till your mid thigh.

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