Bedroom China Cabinets

Bedroom china cabinets come in a variety of styles. To find out what type of cabinet would best suit your bedroom interior read on…

Many people think that china cabinets can only be used in a dining room, but china cabinets can be a great addition to any room in the house, even the bedroom. The glass fronted doors provide great display space for collectables like porcelain figurines or dolls and the drawers beneath can store clothes, towels or bedding. Some china cabinets even have a bonus, a hidden writing desk.

China Cabinet Desks

There are two styles of writing desks that are hidden in china cabinets, one that looks like a drawer, but actually folds down into a desk and one which has a secretary, or slant top desk. In pieces with a secretary style desk, the bottom of the cabinet is wider than the top and slants in and folds down on hinges to provide the writing surface. These writing desks often have working locks and keys, especially on antique pieces.

In small apartments or homes, a china closet with a fold away desk may be perfect in the bedroom. These small desks provide enough room for working on a laptop and often have cubby holes to hold office supplies, mail, even a checkbook. When not in use, the desk can be folded up out of the way and even locked for extra security. The upper shelves can be used to display collections or as a place for books.

Bedrooms often need the interest of a tall piece of furniture, especially in older homes with high ceilings. A china cabinet fills the bill and provides great storage space in a really attractive and versatile piece of furniture. China cabinets and china cabinets with secretary desks are available in a wide range of style and can be purchased new, as reproductions or as antiques or vintage pieces.

When choosing a bedroom china cabinet, it is important to consider how the piece will be used. It is also smart to choose a style that will harmonize with existing bedroom furniture. Wood finishes are not important since the piece can be refinished or painted to meet the owner’s needs, but size and scale must be considered and measurements should be taken to insure the piece will fit in the space for which it is intended.

Those who have never considered using a china cabinet in their bedroom should think about how practical and attractive this addition can be. In small spaces it provides lots of extra storage and since china cabinets are vertically oriented, there is more storage using less valuable floor space. Add a secretary desk and it creates an instant office that can be hidden away in a second.

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