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Fuzhou is the capital city of the Fujian Province. It is named after Mount Fu and is famous for its hot springs.

Whilst the city may have fewer tourist sites than other areas within China, it does have cultural attractions and natural spots which attract visitors to the city each year. Fuzhou also has a great historical richness as many celebrated Chinese figures originate from the area; the arts have also been prevalent within this district for years.

Nightlife in Fuzhou

Air Force No.1

This urban city has an array of activities for you to enjoy in the evenings. Air Force No.1 is one of the most famous establishments and puts on different shows for its audiences every day.

The most popular performances are the song and dance recitals, instrumental shows and guest performances which take place on Friday and Saturday evenings.

Pyramid Music Square

The Pyramid Music Square, in the car park of Fuzhou International Exhibition Centre, puts on discos and music performances every night.

The entertainers usually provide their audiences with unusual light shows throughout the evening. The production also books celebrities from across the region to perform at the events. For a quieter evening, you may want to visit the Taoyuan Tea House. This high end establishment offers its customers top quality drinks and traditional Chinese entertainment.

Natural Spots

Mount Gu

Mount Gu, meaning drum hill, is a Buddhist spot that has become famous for its lush forestry and serene atmosphere. This is also a great historical space as literates carved over 500 inscriptions into the nearby cliff face during the Song Dynasty.

The exotic scenery of the Fuzhou National Forest Park is also worth a visit. It is one of the ten national parks in China and has an abundance of waterfalls, rare animals and exotic plants.

You will also find carving and drawings from the citizens of past eras. An attraction that has been popular for years is Mount Yu. If you climb the white tower, you can appreciate breathtaking views across the entirety of Fuzhou.

Top Attractions in Fuzhou

Earth Tower of Hakka

The Earth Tower of Hakka is an attraction that originates from the first settlement within Fuzhou.

These are tall circular buildings which were built to protect families from bandits and wild beasts. The fire resistant buildings are an architectural marvel as they remain completely intact today. There are a variety of different floors, buildings and rooms to explore which exemplify how previous citizens used to live.

Minjiang Park

The Minjiang Park is located on both sides of the Minjian River and teems with traditional Chinese landscapes and open spaces. The expanses of green land mean that the area is perfect for a stroll or bike ride. The park is made up of seven zones. These offer different attractions and activities for its visitors.

There is a large open air theatre perfect for water shows, music and dance performances. The Mingyue Islet is an area that is ideal for any couples who visit the park. The sights across the river are both breathtaking and romantic.

Image by madhouse1M from pixabay.com

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