China Cabinet Knobs and Pulls

China cabinet knobs & pulls are needed when restoring antique cabients. If you have an old cabinet you’d like to refurbish, read on to find out what hardware you will need…

China cabinets are often passed down through families or bought at thrift or antique stores. Old china cabinets may be missing knobs or pulls or may have hardware that does not work for a new owner. China cabinet knobs and pulls are easy to replace and can give a new lease on life to an old china cabinet. Cabinet hardware is like the jewelry in a room and is available in an amazing array of materials, styles and colors.

Crystal and Acrylic Knobs

The original hardware on many Victorian and Edwardian cabinets was glass. Knobs made from crystal or acrylic can add new sparkle to old pieces. There are a wide variety of shapes available. Clear crystal knobs can add a touch of elegance while colored knobs provide interest and can tie elements of the room together. Acrylic provides all the beauty of crystal but at a fraction of the cost and it is extremely durable if the piece receives a lot of use.

Porcelain and Painted Knobs

Porcelain was another popular material for china cabinet pulls in past eras. Today, reproduction porcelain knobs are available, but there are also new takes on this traditional material. Different shapes and colors are a great way to update an old piece. Enameled metal knobs also add great color and are durable replacements for old chipped or broken glass and porcelain knobs.

Bronze and Brass Knobs

Brass has always been one of the most popular materials for china cabinet knobs and pulls, but now there are many different finishes for brass. Polished, brushed or antiqued brass knobs all offer a different look and can add a touch of class to an old china hutch. For unobtrusive elegance, bronze knobs are available in many traditional and modern styles to suit any decorating scheme.

Chrome and Nickel Knobs and Pulls

In modern decorating schemes, brushed chrome and nickel finishes are popular for cabinet hardware. While these finishes may not suit very traditional china cabinet styles, the are great for modern and art deco pieces. As with other finishes, these pieces are available in many different styles from plain round knobs to intricately decorative pulls and handles.

The cost of china cabinet pulls and knobs varies depending on the design and materials. Custom hardware with gold or sterling silver plating is available for those with discerning taste and the money to indulge it. Updating china cabinet knobs and pulls can give a new look to an old piece at a relatively small cost.

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