Chinese Crested With Hair

Interested in knowing about the Chinese crested with hair? Get the facts about this unique show dog that is known for its small size and lovely long silky hair.

The breed of dog known as the Chinese crested dog has a couple of varieties that are born within the same litter. One is the completely hairless version and the other is the Chinese crested with hair famous as the powder puff dog.

The powder puff is naturally endowed with a thick full body coat of long silky hair. The hair on the body of the powder puff remains of the same length throughout. Breeders however have no way to determine whether the offspring from a particular couple will produce powder puffs or hairless puppies.

The powder puff is a very unique looking dog. It has a head that resembles that of a fox in terms of its shape and appearance. The muzzle looks like a French beard and is finely tapered. Between the ears of the powder puff the skull has a dome shape and the eyes of the dog are shaped like almonds. The eyes have a rather intense look and are dark in color. The powder puff has soft triangular shaped ears that are erected out of the sides of its head not directly from the top like in most other breeds.

Unlike the hairless variety the powder puff has minimal genetic defects. For example the hairless dog has poor teeth often lacking a complete set of teeth. The powder puff on the other hand has a complete set of teeth. The powder puff has a rather graceful neck that is relatively long and is placed on a high position on its shoulders. The arched shape of the neck is what gives the dog a refined and aloof look.

The tail of the Chinese crested dog is relatively long and tapered. It is carried parallel to the surface of the ground while the dog is on the move but is curved upwards when it stands still. It has well developed legs and feet that are heavily covered with hair.

The Chinese crested dog has a rather graceful walk and makes use of minimal leg action. Their walk shows a sense of pride and they are known to possess good manners. They are the least of aggressive dogs and you will rarely ever hear them bark.

The coat of hair on the powder puff comprises of wonderfully silky and long hair that are uniform in length through out the dog’s body. The hairless variety also varies regarding the amount of its hairlessness. Some of them will have very little hair whereas others can be classified as hairy hairless crested dogs with a bundle of hair on its ears, head, lower legs and ears.

Any one looking to buy a powder puff as a pet needs to be prepared to put in a considerable amount of time and effort into the routine grooming of the coat of fur on the dog.

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