Chinese Herbs for Canine Skin Problems

Interested in Chinese herbs for canine skin treatment? Read on to find out how you can help your dog with its skin problems using Chinese herbal medicines.

If International veterinary practices fails to relieve the skin problems for your dog then you might want to consider the Chinese herbal alternative. The Chinese have long made use of a wide variety of herbs to help cure canine skin problems. With a combination of acupuncture and herbal remedies you can help your dog to have nice healthy skin once again.

Some canines have skin problem by birth whereas generally they develop with age. Although there are numerous prescription drugs and creams available to treat canine skin problems they are heavy on chemicals that may have serious side effects on your dog. On the contrary Chinese herbs have no side effects and they have been known to be highly effective when it comes to health problems in dogs.

Understanding skin allergies and availing treatment

Canine allergies can manifest themselves in various ways such as eye irritation, ear infections and food intolerance. Skin problems are just one of the ways in which allergies can take their toll on a dog’s health. Indeed the beauty of the dog lies in his coat and skin problems can be very irritating and painful for the dog and they can also make it lose its beauty.

Generally it is very difficult to properly treat canine allergies. But with the use of Chinese traditional medicines you can significantly improve your dog’s condition. The Chinese have developed many different herbal formulas using a combination of herbs. By finding the right kind of herbal formula you can treat your dog’s skin problem without having to worry about side effects.

There are a number of different kinds of skin problems that can develop in dogs. This ranges from itchy, flaky and dry skin to extremely moist and painful eczema. Eczema in dogs is known as hot spots and it is considered to be a form of dampness according to traditional Chinese medicine.

Whereas International medicine would prescribe the use of steroids, creams, shampoos along with dietary changes Chinese medicine has a totally different approach to it. According to traditional Chinese medicine eczema in dogs develops due to a heat component. Symptoms include panting, a warm body and the dog constantly seeking some place cool to sit.

There are certain Chinese herbs that have the power to clear the heat from the body and drain the dampness. This approach of Chinese medicine caters to remove the problem from its roots rather than suppressing the symptoms of the disease. The use of herbal formulas will be accompanied with dietary changes which will be based on a balance between foods that have a drying and cooling effect.

Often times Chinese medicine prescribes the use of acupuncture along with Chinese herbs. This will help to hasten the process. Whereas the Chinese herbs will have their beneficial effects on the body acupuncture will relax the dog and make its immune system stronger to fight the disease from within.

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