Chinese Herbs for Women Health

Interested in Chinese herbs for women health? Find out how Chinese herbal remedies touch each and every part of women’s health.

Chinese medicine has a unique way of understanding women’s physiology. Basically it studies the cycle of life for women based on which it gets an insight into their health conditions. It is through this insight and understanding that Chinese medicine prescribes the use of herbs for various health issues related to women.

Gynecological problems

Chinese medicine has ventured in to the domain of gynecology for over 3,000 years. There are many written documents on reproductive health in traditional Chinese medicine. The centuries of research and experimentation has given Chinese medicine a fine collection of herbs that have been a source of great benefit to women’s gynecological health. Many of the traditionally used herbs for the purpose like ginseng, gingko and asparagus have been attested to by modern science.

Menstrual problems

The Chinese have made use of certain combinations of herbs to cater to problems related to menstruation. This includes excessive bleeding or the lack of it, missed periods, irregular periods or extremely painful periods. Angelica root, cayenne pepper, raspberry tea, radix notoginseng and ajuga forrestii diels are some of the herbs used to treat various issues related to menstruation.

Fertility problems

Chinese herbal remedies are an excellent non invasive all natural alternative for women seeking to enhance their fertility. Chinese herbs can help to strengthen the ovarian function that would result in producing sound quality eggs. At the same time Chinese herbs can make the uterus stronger, reduce stress and increase blood circulation to the pelvic area. By making use of Chinese herbs women can create the healthiest environment within their bodies when planning a pregnancy.

Pregnancy problems

The duration of pregnancy till some time after child birth a woman goes through various physical and emotional stresses. The use of Chinese herbs can help to cope with these stresses and prepare the body for giving birth. There are various Chinese herbal formulas such as the Zi Chan Mi Yan Liang that have been in use for centuries and are now commercially available.


Menopause has been promoted as a disease since the last fifty years and many women seek medical help during this important change in their lives. Chinese herbs offer a non invasive alternate to modern medicine that can help women to overcome this crucial transition. According to Chinese medicine menopause is a natural process of waning the reproductive energies that consequently increase a woman’s intellect and wisdom. Chinese herbs can be used to treat some of the common symptoms associated with menopause such as insomnia and hot flashes while giving the body the support it needs through this period.

Basically we find that Chinese herbal remedies touch each and every aspect of women’s health. The fact that they carry no side effects and are non invasive in nature contributes to their popularity. Today many women are increasingly taking to Chinese herbal medicines in order to promote better health.

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