Chinese Herbs & Stroke Recovery

Interested in Chinese herbs used to treat stroke recovery? Find out how Chinese herbs can be helpful for recovering from the damages of a stroke.

A stroke occurs when one or more of the arteries that lead to the brain are blocked by a burst or a clot within the artery. The effected part of the brain starts to die as a result. The Chinese have long made use of herbs in order to help those individuals that have sustained some sort of a disability due to stroke. The prescribed herbs put forward by Chinese medicine can actually help an individual to regain the use of the parts of the body that have been disabled due to the stroke.

Different Chinese herbs are used in combination to create a formula to recover from the effects of a stroke. The kind of herbs used in this case help in improving the circulation of blood to the brain. This helps to alleviate the various systems and restore the functioning of the disabled part of the brain.

Treating Stroke with Chinese herbs

Generally, poor lifestyle choices lead to strokes over time. Many different things like over working, emotional stress, strenuous physical activities, lack of rest and poor diet can lead to a stroke. According to the understanding of Chinese medicine sticking to such a poor lifestyle eventually results in weakening the spleen and kidney. This creates Qi, yin and blood deficiencies in the body.

Such deficiencies make the body highly vulnerable to become overwhelmed by phlegm, fire, wind and stasis. Eventually stroke resulted patterns such as liver yang rising, liver wind, wind in the meridians, phlegm combining with fire and stasis chi or blood etc occur. Such patterns restrict the flow of blood to the brain eventually leading to a stroke. Chinese herbs focus on ridding the body of blood stasis and phlegm. They also help to tonify the kidney while inducing resuscitation.

Making use of Chinese herbs

Great care is taken when prescribing Chinese herbs to patients that have suffered from strokes. It is very important to reach the correct diagnosis prior to prescribing a herbal remedy because the type of herbs chosen will depend upon the kind of stroke pattern that exists in the individual’s body.

Some of the traditional formulas that are used for the purpose of treating strokes are:

  • Zheng Gan Xi Feng Tang-Control liver extinguish wind decoction
  • Bu Yang Huan Wu Tang-Tonify Yag give back 50% decoction

The above mentioned herbs are extremely helpful to combat hemiplegia, aphasia, sequel of cardiovascular incidents and aphasia.

Gastrodine known as Tian Ma in China is another herbal formula that is used to treat dementia patients that suffer from strokes. This particular herbal remedy has shown remarkable benefits. It helps to improve impaired memory, reduces disorientation and language. Patients that develop dementia after a stroke are commonly prescribed this particular herbal remedy.

Restorative pills that stimulate the blood like the popular Chinese herb Ginseng or Ren Shen Zai Zao Wan are also helpful in treating stroke patients. They help to tonify blood and while dispelling stagnation they boost the energy of the body.

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