Chinese Medicinal Herbs for Seizure

Interested in Chinese medicinal herbs for seizure? Find out about the herbs that are used to provide treatment of seizures.

The Chinese have made use of herbs in order to provide effective treatment for seizures. This practice has been prevailing in China for thousands of years and is today becoming popular around the globe. There is a certain group of herbs that has been singled out as being beneficial for the treatment of seizures.


Valerian is one popular Chinese herb that is still in use today. This herb has certain anticonvulsant properties which make it an effective herb for the treatment of seizures. This particular herb is helpful in lessoning the frequency of seizures and it may also help to prevent them from occurring in total. This herb came into popular usage during the WWI when it was used to prevent shell shock in soldiers.

This particular herb is classified as a tonic herb and has the potential to regulate and balance out opposing extremes in the body. It also has certain sedative properties and can help in improving coordination in the body while boosting energy. Valerian is also credited with having neurotropic effects on the central nervous system. The fact that it is totally toxic free makes it safe to use in the long term.


Lobelia is another Chinese herb that has been used since ancient times for the purpose of treating seizures. No recent medical studies on this particular herb have been conducted that may bring to light its benefits in the light of science. The Chinese have however long regarded it as being a source of benefit in this case.


The most popular medicinal plant of China, Ginseng is also prescribed in the case of seizures. This powerful herb is considered to be a tonic that promotes the well being of the entire body. It is not clear how ginseng specifically helps to prevent and reduce seizures but nonetheless it has been traditionally used for this purpose. Even if the herb does not help in the case of seizures the person using it derives a number of benefits from its use.


Another popular Chinese herb that has been used for treating seizures is mistletoe. It is known that this particular herb can restore a deficient spleen which consequently benefits epilepsy. Recently there have been growing concerns regarding the toxicity of this herb but making use of it as prescribed keeps the user safe from any side effects.


Motherwort is a Chinese herb that is known to act as a nerve tonic as well as a sedative. Recent medical tests have attested to the cardiotonic characteristics of motherwort and the water extracts have also been proven to have sedative properties making it beneficial for the treatment of epileptic seizures.

Extracts of Mugwort as well as the historically renowned Sage are also listed amongst the herbs that are used for this purpose. Scullap, blue vervian and black cohosh are other popular Chinese herbs for seizures.

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