Chinese Snake & Dragon Compatibility

The snake and the dragon have distinct personalities according to the Chinese zodiac. Find out what makes the two signs compatible despite their differences.

Both the images of the snake and the dragon seem like quite evil omens on the surface. In fact much of the Western world takes them as signs of evil. This is however quite contrary to popular Chinese culture where both these images are taken as symbols of good fortune.

The snake as well as the dragon finds itself in the Chinese zodiac calendar. While the snake is one of the earthly creatures from the reptile world amongst the twelve others, the dragon happens to be the only mythical creature in the selection.

As is the Chinese tradition each animal in the zodiac has well defined personalities. An individual born in the year of that animal is supposed to have those personality traits in him to some extent. As distinct as the personalities of the snake and the dragon are they are also considered to be highly compatible by the Chinese philosophers responsible for framing the entire zodiac belief.

Opposites Attract

The dragon is considered to be quite an enterprising personality. It is full of confidence and loves to live by its own rules. Although it is brave some may consider it to be quite tactless. Passionate in whatever it does the dragon can also be scrutinizing and actually hurt your feelings. The mighty dragon feels as though it has the license to be conceited and can get angry very quickly.


The sense of pride in one’s own self is something that the dragon and the snake have in common. It is perhaps this common personality trait that makes the two compatible. Other than this the snake is considered to be very aware of its surroundings and has the tendency to indulge in vain talk and activities. If circumstances provoke the snake it can take on a very vicious mode.

Another thing that makes these two signs gel together is that while the dragon is enterprising the snake is intuitive. This combination of personality traits makes them a great pair. Hence we see it is not only the personality traits that two people have in common that makes them gel well together rather personality traits that compliment each other can also be a good reason for why people get along.

While the dragon is a more free spirited character than the snake it still has a good ear and will listen to the plight of others. But there is no convincing the dragon to change its ways unless the change is triggered from within.

Although both these symbols are highly revered in Chinese culture the dragon takes precedence over the snake. The image of the dragon is manifested in many different variations on important festive occasions such as the Chinese New Year.

The fact that the Dragon is part of the celebrations irrespective of which animal year it is clearly distinguishes the difference between the positions that is held by the two.

Nonetheless if you were born in the year of the snake or the year of the dragon and believe in the Chinese zodiac then you are considered to be a fit match for the other.


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