Noritake Ivory China

Interested in Noritake Ivory China? Discover what the Ivory chinaware category from Japan has to offer…

When it comes to fine china the name Noritake stands unparalleled. Over the years the company has produced an exhaustive list of exquisite patterns and high quality china that has made it renowned amongst the masses all over the world. One of the special categories developed by the company is the line of Noritake Ivory china.

This line of chinaware consists of some of the most elegant patterns and styles that the Japan based company has to offer. When it comes to fine dining, Noritake Ivory is the category you would want to explore. Some of the exciting varieties in the genre are as follows:

Ardmore Gold

This classic design is a marvel of sheer elegance when it comes to ivory china. Overwhelmingly simple yet exclusively stylish this is one pattern that can never go out of fashion and is always bound to retain its value. The simply white ivory china is decorated with a gold edge on all its pieces. Ardmore Gold is all about class and refinement.

Centura Blue

This is one of the more fashionable sets from the Noritake ivory collection. A soft blue rim goes around the perimeter with a silver mica finish that gives it a brilliant appearance. To add to the stylization the china has been given a green banding on the inside. The china is modeled to the classic baroque shape and is dishwasher safe. Centura Blue is excellent for those people looking for classic chinaware with a modern appeal.


This particular pattern is a symbol of fine china produced by the company. The china has been given a rich elegant look with the use of etched metal bandings in gold and platinum. While this pattern is maintained on the entire set the salad accessory has a further regal blue rim in a scalloped shape that enhances the entire table setting. Contrella is a different looking ivory china set by Noritake.

Platinum traditions

This particular set has been kept in circulation in order to keep the tradition alive. The natural white of the ivory china is accentuated with ultra thin platinum banding that runs uniformly through the entire set. For anyone who knows their china, this is a priceless set although simple in terms of its outlook.


If you are looking for Noritake Ivory china with a distinctive character then Rothschild is one pattern that you are bound to fall in love with. The ivory white china has a floral pattern in purple and pink running along the rim. While the rim is a constant tone of purple the organic pattern follows the rim on the inside not contained by definite borders. This beautiful pattern gives Rothschild a distinctive look making it one of the highly sought after Noritake ivory chinaware sets.

Venetian Scroll

This is one of the high end extremely beautiful ivory sets by Noritake. It features a brilliant fainting pattern extending from the rim and fading away towards the inside. Excellent color gradations and a creative pattern give the Venetian Scroll its charm.

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