Colombian Sweethearts Review

Colombian Sweethearts is a Latin Dating Agency as well as a Colombian Marriage Agency, and claims to offer qualified service with thorough screening of the brides registered with them. Read our guide for more facts and information…

Online dating agencies have gained popularity in recent times, as they are considered cheaper and easier to find matches. These agencies provide details such as portfolios and photographs of potential matches. It may seem advantageous to assess hundreds of profiles at a time, but there is also a disadvantage of being misled by deceptive persons. Dating websites are invariably sought after, as the web has altered the attitudes of Internet users who are seeking these services to enlighten their lonely lives. However, scams are rampant in the virtual dating world, though marriage agencies claim to do their best to weed them out.

Services offered by the Colombian Sweetheart Agency

This American owned agency offers a complete range of services including personal introductions, translations, tours, parties, personalized matchmaking, Spanish lessons and purchase of address and emails. Besides, their services include gift delivery, apartment rentals and real estate, immigration support, dental services and plastic surgery. They claim to have full-time staff to help users find the best Latin woman of their choice. The agency has villas and furnished apartments in Medellin to assure quality service to help men in their quest to find a suitable bride.

Screening process of the Agency

The agency interviews Colombian women, keeping in mind that there are potential scammers and ensures that they are kept off. The Latin women are asked to fill out an application form, and they are required to produce their Colombian Identification Card. Besides remitting an application fee, these women are expected to produce the relevant documents to prove that they are working or studying, and the information is verified by contacting the given details. They also ask for references and call them to ensure that the woman is not married. Apart from these, the agency staff personally talks to each woman and gets to know them, and upon discovering that any woman registered with their site is dishonest, she is immediately removed from Colombian Sweethearts.

Latin scammers

Latin scammers are considered different from the former Soviet Union scammers, who are actually thieves and steal money from foreign men over the Internet without ever meeting them. Latin scammers have different intentions and use different tactics. They usually do not ask money from a man whom they have not met, but rather they take money upon meeting the man and just disappear. A Latin girl may ask the man to pay for rent, loan dues, or tuition, or ask for things like clothes, furniture and shoes. Though men do not mind spending for their girlfriends, they must observe keenly. Usually, scammers ask for things too soon, before their relationship grows. It is likely that they have several boyfriends who buy things for them or give expensive gifts, and they take advantage of such men. So, men are expected to be watchful, when these women whine about financial struggles or relate stories about sick relatives, or keep talking about money. They may also persuade men to take them to expensive clubs, restaurants and push them to arrange for the marriage soon.

The Colombian Sweethearts website is ranked to be the best, and it complies with the IMBRA (International Marriage Brokers Regulation Act), and hence they perform background checks of the information given by the men, and pass them on to the Colombian brides whom they contact.

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