Columbian Devils Breath

Columbian Devil’s Breath is a drug scientifically known as Scopolamine. Read our guide below for more facts and information…

The purpose of the drug Colombian Devil’s Breath is to control the mind of the person and to prevent him acting as per his own free will. The whole point of controversy surrounding the drug is that the person under this drug’s medication can be coerced into doing things that he may have not done otherwise. The only saving grace in case of this drug is that the person though comparatively submissive, is still alert and coherent.

History of Columbian Devil’s Breath

A German scientist, Albert Ladenburg, first isolated scopolamine in the year 1880. Thereafter further research was carried out in the 1930’s and 40’s for complete synthesis of scopolamine. During the 60’s, scopolamine was popularly used for erasing the memory of labor pain from the minds of the mothers. This was then referred to as the “twilight sleep” as the pain did not reduce but the mother did not remember her pain later on as it had not formed a part of her memory.

Understanding the drug scientifically

This drug is a “Tropane alkaloid” i.e. its chemical structure contains a tropane ring. They are generally found in the plant family of Solanaceae. The drug is known to be a muscarinic receptor antagonist i.e. it brings a reduction in the neurological receptivity of the person taking the medication. Though often mistaken as a potentially dangerous drug, if taken in minute doses it can be quite beneficial too. Some of the diseases that it can help cure include motion sickness, nausea, intestinal cramps, mydriasis, cycloplegia and iritis.

It is also used as a pre-anesthetic drug. It can reduce the secretions and motility in the gastro-intestinal tracts, sedative and in some variants of Parkinson. This drug can be administered in various ways like a transdermal patch, orally, intravenous, sub-cutaneous and opthalmically.

It has also been used in case of people addicted to cocaine and heroin. The whole idea was to make the patients delirious for 2-3 days to avoid the craving during withdrawal and then treat them with their required medication. Research is on to find its suitable usage along with other drugs to combat nicotine addiction.

The drug can also help people overcome depression. Scuba divers too make use of the drug to keep seasickness away. It is also quite effective for curing irritable bowel syndrome.

Abusive usage of Colombian Devil’s Breath

This is one drug that has always invited immense debate and conflict regarding its advantages and its potential abusive usage. The drug has anti-cholinergic effects properties due to which it can cease the medial temporal lobe from reacting at the required stimuli. Research has also shown that it can impair the human mind too.

Long time usage of the drug can cause hallucinations, confusion, psychosis etc and the side-effects can cause immense trauma and depression to the person concerned for a long time. There can be some instances of hallucinations, speech slurring, paranoia, agitation and delusions too when under the medication of Colombian Devil’s Breath.

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