Australian Grasses

Want to know more about Australian grasses? Would you like to grow Australian grasses in your yard and need information on the different species? Then read our informative and factual guide…

Contrary to what most people believe, not all native grasses are tall; as a matter of fact, you will find that several parts of Australia are covered by lush pastures of native grass species. If you are an avid home gardener this means that you too can mow a lawn of native Australian grass in your backyard.

You will find that many varieties of the local indigenous grass make sturdy and tough lawns. With a little bit of tending, you will have none of the troubles that are normally associated with growing foreign grass species.

Australian grasses are easily available in the form of plugs from most plant nurseries; alternatively, you could also sow seeds which are also readily available at stores that sell gardening products. Actually, you will get better results when you use native fauna in your yard because these plant species have adapted to the local climatic conditions.

Native Australian grasses are also beneficial for the environment; these grass species have a deep root system, so you will not have to water them as much as your conventional lawns. Also, they are capable of surviving local adversities such as fires and droughts. These grasses need very little fertilization and they grow well in the normally less fertilized soil of Australia.
For a gardener concerned with the look of his lawn, you will be happy to find that several Australian grass species are known for their pretty flowers and seed heads that will add to the allure of your yard. As a matter of fact, you could create a stunning effect by simply using grasses of various species and create colorful meadow areas. Also these grasses offer the perfect habitat for pest controlling insects and butterflies.

Australian grasses are perennial which makes them highly suitable for lawns; here is a look at some of the species that can be found growing naturally all over the country. For areas that are prone to dormant winter, the cool season grasses will be an apt choice.

Weeping grass: Native to the wetter regions of neighboring New Zealand as well Australia, the weeping grass can tolerate high temperatures and arid conditions without too much fuss. This species is ideal for creating the traditional lawn look; however, it can grow tall fast and you will have to mow it regularly.

Other popular species of Australian grasses that are suitable for cold seasons include the Wallaby grass. On the other hand, if you are looking for grasses that can work well in warmer climates, you should choose species such as Kangaroo grass and Red grass.

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