Costa Rica Real Estate Investments

Looking for investment real estate in Costa Rica? Want to know where the best real estate investments can be found in Costa Rica? Our guide gives you the facts & information you want to know.

Costa Rica has undergone enormous transformations in the world of real estate within the space of just a few years. Only a few years ago, Costa Rica was though of mainly as a charming but rustic vacation spot for a couple of weeks of sunbathing and jungle walking. Today, however, Costa Rica has turned into one of the most promising and lucrative markets for real estate investment in the world.

There are several reasons for the success of Costa Rica as a destination for foreign investment in real estate. Firstly, as the housing market in the US has slowed down in recent times, many US investors are looking abroad for real estate opportunities. Costa Rica provides all the necessary factors for making a sound investment in real estate which range from natural beauty to a friendly local population to a government that looks favorably on foreign investment.

Real Estate Investment Coastal Costa Rica

Up until recently, the majority of real estate that was purchased for investment by foreign buyers has been situated in popular tourist resort towns, most of which are located on the coasts of Costa Rica where people are attracted to the beaches and various sea based activities to be found. Recently, however, interest has been sparked in purchasing real estate in inland Costa Rica where property development is still relatively new. Prices are a lot cheaper in the central valley of Costa Rica where most Costa Ricans live than real estate in the coastal towns which is geared more towards foreign tourists.

 Rural Costa Rica Real Estate Investment

Although in the short term the soundest real estate investments in Costa Rica seem to be near the beaches where the tourists are, in the long run buying property in inland Costa Rica may be more profitable. This is because currently you can get a lot more real estate for your money in rural Costa Rica, and provided you choose your location wisely, it should only be a matter of time before more and more tourists are attracted inland by the rainforests, national parks and various eco tourism activities that are becoming increasingly popular.

The province of Guanacaste in Costa Rica has become a booming economic hub with massive real estate investments in Costa Rica illustrating the positive effects of growth in tourism the province has experienced over recent years. The investment of hotel tycoons the luxury Four Seasons Hotel in the area was an economic boosts for the province. The province had the biggest rise real estate investments in 2006 and an increase of 133% in construction permits granted to real estate investors and developers are promising indicators of growth to come.


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