Chinese Zodiac Pig

Born in the year of the pig? Want to know what that means? Discover the fun loving personality associated with the Chinese zodiac sign of the pig.

For those of you who are familiar with the legendary tale that seeks to explain how the twelve animals came to represent the 12 year zodiac cycle it is probably common knowledge that the pig was the last one to cross the finish line. This is why it occupies the l2th and final year of the zodiac cycle.

Unlike the common perception of the animal the Chinese philosophers have drawn up quite a different character sketch of the pig. In its essence the pig is considered to be a very compassionate character that is renowned for its generosity. Needless to say pigs want to enjoy life and they themselves are known to be big time entertainers. This is why pigs are popular amongst a social setting.

Generous Pigs

The one thing about the pig zodiac that makes it a social celebrity is the fact that it loves to give to others. Giving is what brings the pig the biggest pleasure of his life. In their high spirited giving pigs are known to go overboard even overlooking their personal needs. They also have quite an honest personality but expect others to be equally as honest in return.

Amongst the things that the pig people desperately long for is peace. Once achieved, they will try everything to keep it. Although this is looked upon as a noble aspiration it also makes the pig an easy target for others to take advantage of. Their giving nature is constant and hardly will you ever find the pig to call out for help. This is yet another noble quality but at the same time makes it vulnerable to come under stress.

The pig is not a big time saver. Rather it has more of a spend thrift personality and doesn’t mind going for big names and fancy tings. This is also a constant personality trait that has helped them to acquire great bargaining skills.

Fun loving Pigs

The zodiac sign of the pig can some times display a fun loving side that makes it stand shoulder to shoulder with the monkey. Often times the pig will indulge in too many activities with too little time on his hands. On their own pigs are not known to be very active which places in the tendency to put on weight. Unlike the rooster the pig hates to be alone and gets rather depressed when it sees that no one is around it. The only thing that drags them down is their laid back and lazy attitude.

Work & Career

Pigs have a double sided professional streak. On the one side they tend to be very helpful and dependable when it comes to work. Pig people are known to be big time opportunity seekers but only avail those that allow them to display their creativity. Endowed with great management skills the pig is highly admired for his task handling abilities. According to the philosophers who drew up the character sketch of the zodiac sign pigs can make great doctors, entertainers, designers and caterers.


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