Bareboat Sailing Croatia

The Croatian coastline is famed for its clear seas, picturesque towns and perfect weather in season for sailing. While it is possible to hire a boat complete with crew, many prefer ‘bareboat sailing’, or opting to charter a boat to sail yourself. Read our guide for more facts & information…

Croatia is one of Europe’s leading bareboat sailing destinations as a result of the varied attractions and amenities the country has to offer. Along the coast, the towns and villages are steeped in history and while some are very quiet and quaint, some cater to the more lively tourists.

If traditional market places, national parks and old town quays are what you want from your vacation, then Croatia will be a great choice however it also has areas that are centered on a great nightlife, modern marinas and popular high-street shopping.

Bareboat sailing in Croatia offers the opportunity to visit over a thousand islands, most unpopulated and all varied and interesting. By short-hop sailing from one island to the next, you can plan your trip so that you can be in an historical heritage town soaking up the culture one day, enjoying the sun on an isolated beach the next day and dancing the night away in a club the same evening.


The Adriatic coast offers great weather for bareboat sailing with climates that are typically Mediterranean. Summers are warm and dry and in the winter, the temperatures are mild. At its hottest, the weather in Croatia is around 30 degrees in July and August and drops to 23 degrees on average in May to October.

The coastline is one of the sunniest in Europe and gets around 2,600 hours of sunlight per year. The Croatian winds are often perfect for sailing, prevailing from the North West and have an average speed of 7 – 8 knots in season.

Exploring and Escaping

With an abundance of hidden bays and beaches, bareboat sailing in Croatia is perfect for those who enjoy exploring hidden places. For those who want to escape from the real world. Emerald groves, some fantastic diving spots and towns and villages steeped in history will provide all the background your imagination needs to forget all your cares and get lost in a fantasy world.

Chartering a sailboat and losing yourself in all Croatia has to offer could prove to be the perfect vacation choice. Before you can opt for bareboat sailing in Croatia, you will need some basic sailing skills or you will need to hire a skipper. You can do a week long course to gain the skills needed to go it alone in your bareboat sailing adventures, which generally cost around 600 Euros.

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