Camping Pula Croatia

Among the most popular campsites are those in Pula located at the very sea shores. Read our guide for more facts and information about camping in Pula Croatia…

Pula is the largest and most interesting tourist destination of the city of Istria. It is a significant port and industrial centre of Croatia which is known for its geographical position, facilities and surroundings that reminisces Pula’s history.

Camping Puntižela

Puntižela is a tourist village just 7km away from central Pula. It is located on a spectacular site, southwest of the Istrian coast and faces the breathtaking Brijuni Islands.

The campsite is considered as a Croatian gem and has total area of 10ha, with capacity for 1200 campers. It provides the perfect ambience for families, couples and youngsters looking for a camping experience that has fun, exploring natural spots and historical sites such as the well known amphitheatre Arena and other Roman sites.

Facilities at Camp Puntižela

At the camp you can avail the numerous amenities from the many markets, shops, restaurants, bars and cafes. A mini club for the entertainment of adults and the kids along with an internet corner, telephone booths, exchange office and cash machine.

For the sports lovers there are many things to indulge in such as tennis, table tennis, pedal boats, fitness centre, diving centre with a diving school, football, basketball and volleyball courts along with bike hiring.

You can stay in the campsite all year round, however some of the facilities are only available in the summers  from May to September. These include catering, entertainment, stores, equipment rentals among other things.

There are numerous pitches and mobile homes available, including a hostel which is a special highlight for the youngsters. Also pets are allowed.

With the increasing popularity of the campsite, numerous changes and improvements are being constantly carried out. Accommodation facilities have been upgraded with luxurious mobile homes and hotels to cater to the needs of the visitors.

The total cost of the camping trip varies from person to person depending upon services chosen which are standard, comfort or premium. The cost also depends upon the season you camp in. Other things such as hiring bikes or motorcycles, additional cars, tents or boats and bringing pets along all add to the cost. So choose the facilities depending upon your budget.

Camping in Pula suits  nature lovers and sporty explorers alike. It is one camping destination which is revisited over and over.

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