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Searching for Laura Salas in Long Beach California? Learn about the director of patient and public relations Laura Salas in Long Beach California Pacific Hospital…

Laura Salas is the functional director of patient and public relations at the Pacific Hospital in Long Beach California. Under her leadership the public relations department of this hospital functions with different service areas of the hospital, and collaborates to deliver a high level of care.

Each of the visitors, patients and their family members are catered to with the highest standards of information delivery and positive care.

The aim of Laura Salas is to translate the care towards the patient who visits the facility along with their family members. The aim followed by the department on the goal is to provide compassionate behavior and perform at a level par excellence.

Values Inspired by Laura Salas in Long Beach California Pacific Hospital

The public relations department for Pacific Hospital in Long Beach has been rated high by visitors and patients alike. A consistent survey is conducted annually to see if the department is meeting its preset criteria for public service and collaboration. There’s a consistent two way communication route where clients can contact the director in person for any assistance. Working within their ethos of cultural sensitivity, heroic service, accountability, respect and teamwork, these values are translated across the board in every team member.

Services under Laura Salas in Long Beach California

The services available under the department are the volunteer program and gift shop. Under the volunteer program you can have candy stripers and regular volunteers. The regular ones have specified duties and schedules, while the candy stripers are high school students who start volunteering at special events and during the summer. You will require a minimum of 50 work hours to be dedicated towards the volunteer program.

The process for the volunteer program is to submit an application and provide a copy to the department accordingly. A current TB test that is valid for six months is required. You can then follow through with the orientation. After you take a tour of the hospital and your application has been approved, you can begin volunteering services immediately. Every department in the hospital requires the help of volunteers, and you can become part of the healthcare by contributing your time and services in this manner. The Healing Treasures Gift Shop is stocked with flowers, gifts and cards for the patients. The gift shop functions during the day from 9 to 4.

Other services include public relations and media relations. If you have any comments and suggestions or would like information it is possible to direct your query to this department. With a constant focus on supplying high-quality services and a good environment to patients, there is constant room for complaints and compliments. A suggestion department allows you to give your concerns and follow through for a resolution.

The entire focus on service care provision lies on the doctors, the nursing staff, the separate maternity center and the ER. Subsequent focus on great care lies on the testing treatments department and the patient rooms and meals provided to the patients. There is also focus on maintaining fast and efficient service for admissions. Therefore clients are smoothly incorporated into the hospital and then exited conveniently.

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