Croatia Boat Holidays

Deciding where to spend that long overdue and well-deserved vacation? Consider a holiday in Croatia with pristine blue seas and picturesque scenery from the naturally captivating islands and modern marinas. Read our guide for more facts & information…

Having one of the longest coastlines in the Mediterranean, Croatia is a country in the Balkan Peninsula that has some of the most strikingly diverse coastal formations. Its numerous beaches, water caves, diving sites, sea cliffs, lagoons and coves provide a magical setting for that dream holiday.  With its undeniably beautiful landscape, just waiting to provide visitors possibly their most unforgettable experiences, simply refusing to go for a trip is probably short of being a mortal sin.

Adriatic Sailing Tours

With its more than a thousand islands, the most practical way to move around and view Croatia’s sites is through the clear Adriatic waters.  That is why boats are a prevalent sight in the waters of the former Yugoslavian state. Abundant as the country’s quays are, antiquated but elegant looking wooden boats always line up filling the banks. Tourism is now one of the country’s primary revenue streams. Ancient-looking but actually seaworthy wooden boats are very effective attractions for tourists on holiday. So much so that they have yards continuously building boats the old school way. Nevertheless, depending on factors like the number of passengers, the expected accommodations and budget, there are different boat varieties available for rental. These can range from motorized boats, catamarans, sailboats, gulets to even luxury yachts.

Croatia by Boat – The Perfect Way

What exactly can one do while on holiday in a paradise seemingly bounded by water?

Although swimming is an enjoyable and popular tourist activity, it is an inconceivable solution for traveling to the various sites of the country.
Whether motorized, by sail or even with paddles, boats still afford the best scenic access to the coastlines of Croatia. Arranging for boat trips can be set in durations ranging from a few hours to an entire day. Whole day tours usually include a lunch treat curiously called ‘Fish Picnic’ where several freshly-caught fish are barbequed and served in local traditional styles, together with fine wine and good music to match.

As they abound throughout the coastal area, renting a boat is practically effortless. Whether it is a small rowing boat for a short romantic get-away or a big motorized boat for a pleasant fishing adventure, one can simply choose and follow advertisement posters to get a hold of someone ever ready to rent out their boats.

For those who do not mind or enjoy the company of other people, several ferries provide point-to-point service serving as effective transportation going to and from the different destination ports. In some of these ships, you can even reserve cabins or simply enjoy the route on the deck in reclining seats.

However, there is possibly no better way to experience Croatia’s lustrous territory than with a weeklong cruise. The experience effectively gives that relaxing sensation of being home while away. Moreover, for that authentic feeling of exclusivity, fully furnished yachts or sailboats are available for chartering. But for that premiere cruise experience, perhaps nothing can outdo travelling on a luxury cruiser. In fact, several shipping companies have included the Croatian coastline as part of their luxury cruise liner route.

In the end, it really does not matter which nautical vessel to choose. The splendour of Croatia guarantees an unforgettable and enjoyable holiday regardless.

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