Croatia Flotilla Sailing

Flotilla sailing is when a group of yachts all sail together for a duration of time. Usually, a flotilla will consist of 5-10 boats that are led by one or more lead boats. Read our guide for more facts & information…

Staying with the flotilla group ensures that you will see some of the best spots Croatia has to offer. From its picturesque villages and harbors, its many historical and culturally important sites, to its thriving restaurant and nightlife industries, the flotilla crew will have mapped out the best places to go to maximize your enjoyment of your vacation.

Flotilla sailing in Croatia is perfect for couples, families or groups of friends as it affords the option of staying with a group or ‘splitting from the pack’ and free sailing.

Free Sailing in Croatia

Lead crews of a flotilla will often tend to minimize the time they spend sailing in order to allow for free sailing time. You can leave the flotilla for the afternoon, the whole day or for as long as you wish as free sailing is always an option.

The coast of Croatia offers some of the best sailing weather conditions that can be found in Europe. In the summer months, the climate is warm and dry (reaching up to around 30 degrees) and the winter months are mild (as low as 23 degrees). The winds can average around 7 knots, are prevailing from the North West and consistently provided perfect sailing conditions.

Flotilla Sailing With the Family

A vacation in Croatia flotilla sailing is a great option for families. Children tend to be particularly fond of flotillas as they get to meet other children and because there is so much going on to cater for them, both on the boat and onshore.

A family orientated flotilla crew will take you to destinations that offer the most for you and your family. While onboard the boat, your children have fun learning new skills such as navigation and map reading, safety at sea and the basic rules and etiquette of nautical traffic.

Flotilla Sailing For Couples

For couples, it is an ideal vacation as it allows you to intermingle with other people and enjoy the social life Croatia has to offer, while affording you the luxury of being able to sail away together whenever you desire. You may want to find a secluded beach on one of the many islands or hidden bays on Croatia’s coast where couples can explore or hide away together.

There are plenty of romantic quaint villages to be found and some of the best seafood restaurants anywhere in Europe. For the more adventurous, you can explore the emerald groves and some amazing diving spots before joining back up with the flotilla at your convenience to find the perfect blend of a sociable and romantic vacation.

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