Pennysaver Southern California

Looking for the original PennySaver in Southern California? Learn more about the Southern California Pennysaver community for great savings…

If you can’t find something for the right price and are searching for affordable pricing then Pennysaver in Southern California is the place to look. This community was initiated as far back as the Great Depression. The current Pennysaver was launched in 1962 by a directory salesman Bob DeMarco as the Huntington Beach PennySaver. It was an alternative to placing advertisements rather than waiting in line at an office to place ads. The advertisement directory was going great. He would have to  stop taking ads as early as noon each day. The Pennysaver is in Southern California and is now available online 24/7 making it very effective and affordable.

With a 50 year history under its belt, PennySaver Southern California has more than 700 locations. It has 700 local editions printing its content and is mailed to over 95% of California residents. The main purpose of the Pennysaver Southern California is high quality discounts offered in the neighborhood. It is considered the largest direct marketing and mail shopping publication in the entire country of United States.

Pennysaver in Southern California has a fabulous online classifieds section that is exceptionally popular. The network offers a host of business services that reach millions of people across the country and especially in Southern California. The individual sellers and business owners are listed on the classifieds. The corporation is actually passionate about the mission of connecting the sellers and buyers in local communities. The aim is to give the best local values to the readers wherever they are based.

When there are so many organizations trying to make money, Pennysaver Southern California is actually focusing on the principles of providing great value for the right price. It is important for them to get consumers to save as much as they can and get great value for each penny.

Interesting Fact about Pennysaver’s Southern California

The PennySaver has the largest piggy bank record in Guinness World Record. However, the bank died a couple of years ago. Most of the money placed in this bank was donated to the victims of Hurricane Katrina.

Procedure for Placing Ads on Pennysaver Southern California

It is required that you be accessible to Pennysaver in Southern California in order to place your ad. The illustration is very convenient and easily accessible to people. The ad goes online very quickly as well. It is also possible for sellers to place free online ads. The only requirement is to use a special icon and visual graphics to promote the websites.

The verticals include, and There is an option to choose distribution methods and affiliate sites. The sellers can continue and cancel ads at any time through an e-mail address each time. Reminders are sent to your e-mail for renewing the ad before it expires.

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