Indian Remy Human Hair

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Women around the world desirous of getting hair extensions are buying Indian Remy human hair which is far better than the processed hair that was used in the past. Indian Remy human hair gives you a more natural look that lasts longer and is easier to maintain than the processed hair known as Remy hair from China. Indian Remy human hair is soft and has the natural bounce and luster of your own hair. Since people cannot tell it apart from your natural hair it will boost your confidence and make your social life more exciting.

Everybody from Hollywood celebrities to women who want to up their glamour quotient is using Indian Remy human hair. This hair comes from the temples in India where women offer their hair. The temple trust in turn sells the hair to the various hair distributors. The funds gathered through the sale of the hair are used to support and help people from the local community. These hairs are then sent to the factory where they are cleaned and deodorized. Some of the hair is sold for the manufacture of wigs, braiding and hairpieces.

The longer pieces are tipped or sown into a weft to be used in different types of extensions. Regardless of what the distributors tell you if it is Remy virgin Indian hair it comes from India. When buying hair for extensions remember that you get what you pay for so distributors who claim to sell good quality hair at low prices are just trying to make a quick buck at your expense.

If you want the Hollywood starlet look you need hairs that are full and lush and not stringy. If you are buying hair wefts made from Indian Remy human hair make sure that you know about the chances of shedding and what the distributor will do in case that happens. Indian Remy human hair is fairly expensive at $350 per weft so it’s important to make an informed buying decision. Normally a good distributor will offer to replace the weft in case of shedding but it’s always best to ask.

Indian Remy human hairs are considered to be the highest grade of natural human hair that can be bought for wigs and extensions.

You will find that that there are three grades of Indian Remy human hair, which are based on the length of the hair per weft. For instance if you go for single drawn wefts you will find hair of all lengths as it grows naturally. A double drawn weft has hairs that are only within an inch or two of each other. While the third category has hairs of equal length. This is of course the most expensive grade.

Indian Remy virgin hairs are free of chemical treatments and no coloring or perming has been done on them. While the non-virgin hair will have some amount of processing done which takes away from the natural look.

You can use Indian Remy human hair to add color and texture to your natural hair

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