1916 Spanish Mauser Rifle

Looking for a 1916 Spanish Mauser Rifle? Here we’ve compiled important facts and information about 1916 Spanish Mauser rifles & ammo…

The Spanish Mauser rifle was crafted in the year 1960 and actually changed the 29 inch long barrel to a 21 inch barrel. They were crafted by the Ovideo arsenal from the years 1916 to 1951. The original short rifle crafted in 1916 was the 7 mm Mauser.

The Spanish Civil Guard and the Guardia Civil Rifles both bear the mark of the Crest.  The mark has a crossed sword and the fasces. Apparently this rifle was converted to 7.62 from the original 1916 as well in the 1893 rifles. This change happened in the year 1960.

When you check out the converted rifles you will see that they have the typical 7.62 caliber mark on them. Both the rifles can easily be confused with each other however there is a difference in the caliber and the barrel length.

The 7 mm barrel is a fraction longer than the other one. Both the rifles are considered as small ring Mauser receivers. They are designed with two lug bolts and do not have the third safety lug which is found generally on other Mausers.

The Short Spanish Mauser Rifle

When you look at the short Spanish Mauser rifle you will notice a turned down bolt as well as the recessed five round magazine. Printed on the receiver is the Guardia Civil Crest. It also has a sling swivel and fixed side support. The sight includes the adjustable V notch rear and the inverted V front. The total length of the rifle is 41.3 inches whereas the length of the barrel is 21 inches.

Difference in Ammunition

When you are looking at any military surplus you should check for the safety of the rifle. Look for caliber markings on the Mauser. When you have located the 7 mm Mauser or the 7.62 Mauser you can get ammunition from different sources for these guns.

You should know that the 7.62 cartridge differs from the .308 Winchester commercial cartridges. The difference arises mainly in the pressure ratings and even though amateur shooters have reported that they have used commercial .308 ammunition in the 7.62x51mm chamber without any ill effects the weapons that are clearly marked for 7.62 ammunition are different.

The main difference comes from the pressure which is 49,700 PSI CUP for the 7.62 ammunition versus the 52,000 PSI CUP for the  .308 ammunition.

The Crest on the 1916 Spanish Mauser Rifle

When you look at the crest on the 1916 Spanish Mauser rifle it should have the official shield. The crown on top indicates that it is an entity of Spanish royalty and issued by the Crown.

The single sword depicts might, power and strength. The fasces is a bundle of metal rods which are tied together and have an ax with its blades protruding.
This actually dates back to Roman times when the magistrates used to carry this piece called the fasces to symbolize their authority.

It was chosen by Mussolini for depicting his Fascist party. In fact there’s a distinct similarity between the symbol and the term fascio which eventually became the name of his party as utilized by the peasants and the related labor union.

Special thanks to Jim Gray for checking the factual accuracy of this article.

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