New York Environmental Torts Lawyers

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In legal terminology torts are wrongs committed in the eyes of the law. More particularly a tort is civil wrong other than a breach of contract. Torts often involve damage to property or some other kind of harm done to a single person or group of people. Environmental torts violate the spirit and letter of the laws that are designed to protect our environment. Environment torts lawyers initiate legal actions that are intended to hold polluters accountable for their actions or their negligence. The action or inaction of those accused of environment torts may have been responsible for damage to persons or property.

Examples of Environment Torts

People may regard New York City as far removed from the pristine natural environments that they imagine to be in need of protection from irresponsible violators of environmental statutes. However, all the ecosystems found in the New York City area have a vital and vibrant role to play in sustaining a reasonable quality of life for all the residents of New York. A prime example of unchecked pollution of the environment is the persistent ill-effects of lead found in urban environments years after the presence of lead in the environment was first confirmed as dangerous to health and childhood development. In New York laws exist that require renovation and remodeling contractors to be certified in techniques for containing lead dust stirred up during their work. Contractors who flout those laws could well be guilty of environmental torts and legally liable for damages. Yet temptations persist to ignore the law for economic reasons.

In fact, it is rather common for environmental torts lawyers to work in conjunction with architects and engineers, and other professionals in the construction and geo-technical fields in urban areas such as the boroughs that make up New York City.

Other Areas Where Environmental Torts Apply

Other environmental torts attorneys take on cases where victims such as consumers and homeowners have been seriously injured or died due to the presence of a variety of toxic chemicals in their environment. The presence of pesticides, industrial solvents and other chemical contaminants in the soil or groundwater can catastrophically undermine health or completely devalue property.

Environmental tort lawyers can represent individuals against a manufacturer of toxic chemicals or multiple members involved in a class action mass tort proceeding. Moneys can be recovered from individuals, corporations or governmental bodies. Since environmental torts practices are relatively new in terms of longstanding legal practices you may find that your environmental torts attorney practices other kinds of law that involve damages connected to negligence claims.

How to Proceed

Before committing to a contractual relationship that allows an environmental torts lawyer to represent you and put forward your claims you should at least investigate the verdicts and settlements that your attorney has achieved that most closely match your concerns. Initial consultation in such matters should be free of charge and some environment torts attorneys only take a percentage of moneys recovered on behalf of their client after the case is settled. You should confirm all the financial particulars of an agreement before entering into one with any attorney.

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