Cuba Bird Watching Guide

Do you want to do a spot of bird watching on your holiday to Cuba? Want to know when & where to go bird watching in Cuba? Our guide to bird watching in Cuba gives you the facts & information you’ll want to know.

Cuba is a wonderful place to go bird watching. The warm temperatures that Cuba enjoys, in conjunction with its exotic Caribbean location make Cuba one of the best places in the world to go bird watching. Cuba has a total of 350 different species of bird that are indigenous to Cuba, and keen bird watchers willing to be patient and put in the time are likely to see a great number of these birds while birding in Cuba.

Bird Watching Tours in Cuba

There are several tour companies offering bird watching tours of Cuba that are all inclusive and can be good value for money. The advantage of booking your bird watching holiday with a tour company is that the local bird watching guides in Cuba will know some of the best spots to go bird watching in the national parks of Cuba. The downside of booking your bird watching tour to Cuba with an official tour company is the lack of freedom to roam and discover the birds of Cuba at your own pace.

Watching Rare Birds in Cuba

If you do decide to go bird watching in Cuba you can expect to see some wonderfully colourful, and in some cases, rare birds.  People who have been bird watching in Cuba commonly report seeing varieties of birds as varied as parrots, fly catchers, king fishers, flamingos and hawks. One species you should definitely look out for while bird watching in Cuba is the bee hummingbird. This species of bird, native to Cuba, is the smallest in the world and its wings flap so fast that they are invisible to the human eye. Since you’ll be in Cuba, you should try to catch a glimpse of the Cuban Trogon while bird watching. This is the national bird of Cuba because its red, white and blue feathers correspond with the colours on the Cuban flag.

Bird Watching Locations in Cuba

The best places to go bird watching in Cuba are the national parks or undeveloped natural areas. The primary bird watching location in the west of Cuba is the Peninsula de Guanahacabibes in Pinar del Rio. The best place for bird watching in the east of Cuba is the Sierra Masetra National Park.

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