Cuban Clothes

Going on vacation to Cuba and want to know about what clothes to wear? Seen an interesting piece of Cuban clothing and want to know what it’s called? Whatever it is, chances are the information & facts you want are in our guide to clothes in Cuba.

Cuba is one of those places in the world that prides itself of being  independent and not constrained to what the world thinks. The self acclaimed kings of practical wisdom have a strong identity in the world. Having a strong influence of the Spanish and African culture the island has formed a unique fusion of culture in its own way. When it comes to the dressing sense of the Cubans you will realize that it is pretty much in tune with the west. Moreover being the kings of practicality that they are they usually just dress according to the weather conditions. The general style is laid back and relaxed with the formal clothing reserved for the dinners and theatres. But just like every other nation Cuba too has a history with certain clothes that have become a strong part of the identity of Cubans.

Men’s Clothes Cuba

The Guayabera shirt is the trademark of the Cubans. The origins of the style of this shirt have been widely disputed with people suspecting many different nations like Mexico and Thailand to be the innovators of the style. However Cuba is regarded as the real innovator of this style although it is quite famous in other countries as well. In the case of the Guayabera the U.S.A is no exception either. Although most people would be unaware of the origins of this shirt it still continues to be a popular style in the U.S.A and other countries today. In Cuba itself the style had died out over the past few years only to be seen gaining momentum again recently. Many new brands have worked hard at promoting a sense of national dressing in Cuba. This has resulted in an influx of Guayabera shirts in the market. As a result you see many people on the streets wearing a Guayabera again.

Traditional Clothes Cuba

It is quite likely that you have seen a Guayabera shirt with your own eyes and perhaps even worn one without knowing what it’s actually called and where it comes from. This is because it goes by a variety of names such as the Havana shirt, cigar shirt and the barbershop shirt. Moreover since the origins of the shirt are unclear people never bother paying it any mind. The shirt it self is a rather cool open neck shirt that is traditionally made out of cotton. It features a set of large pockets which can range from two to four in number. Typically it is not a shirt that is to be tucked into the pants rather it is to be worn outside the pants giving the wearer a casual yet sober look.

Typical Clothes Cuba

This button down shirt is not your typical dress shirt rather it gives a very different look and feel. The shirt often features pleats or embroidery running down the back and front that gives it a unique intricacy. Over the years the Guayabera has gone through a lot of makeovers and is now available in a wide variety of adapted styles from the original. The shirt however only acts as a trademark of the Cubans for those who are aware of the history; otherwise the shirt is accepted as just another cool design.

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