French Country Sofas

Are you decorating your home or cottage? Are you considering a historical French country sofa? Do you want to know how French country sofas will fit into your place? Read our guide for more facts and information…

A French country sofa brings a historic look to any home or cottage. The French style of the sofa has a long history as the origins of the style date back to 19th century France with its origins in the region of Provence. The French country sofa creates a country chic style and comfortable seating. The sofa is typically constructed out of solid jointed wood. The French country sofa is raised from the floor as it is supported on thin wooden legs. The sofa is also finished with two wooden armrests. Both the armrests and the wooden legs are typically decorated with simple and elegant carvings. The back of the French country sofa also usually has three distinct arcs. The style of the French country sofa works wonderfully either inside or outside as the French style of furniture attempts to bring the outdoors inside or vice versa.

Antique Look

The French country sofa style was developed in the 19th century and was influenced by the furniture found in the courts of Kings Louis XIII, Louis XIV, and Louis XV. During the original period in which French country sofas were designed many sofas were produced. This is beneficial today if you are looking for an original French country sofa, as they are relatively easy to find. True antiques will likely not be in perfect condition simply due to wear; however, as a bonus due to the large amount of sofas created in the style they are relatively inexpensive.  The antique look of authentic or recently produced French country sofas readily fit into historic homes or cottages. The antique look also works in any home as the style brings the past into the present.

Modern Updates

Although the style of the French country sofa has existed for close to two centuries, the style has remained popular. Today, many people easily find antique furniture in the French country sofa style; however, it often requires some refurbishing or repair as it is difficult to find the style in perfect condition due to wear. The style has maintained its popularity so well into the modern day that it has been reproduced. Therefore if you are not interested in antique hunting it is possible to enjoy the style of the French country sofa. Today, the French country sofa is also commonly refurbished with cushions in various styles and colours to allow you to personalize this classical traditional style.

The French country sofa although originating in the corner of France in Provence has over the course of two centuries spread to the rest of the world. Whether you are looking for furniture for your historic home or cottage or just looking to add a historic feel to your modern home the French country sofa will add to any place.

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